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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hello lovelies!
How's your sunday coming along for you? Haha I've been so bored/busy lately. It's summer and I've been bumming around. When i say "bum around", I actually meant not holding a job.
I've been travelling around pretty much the past month or so, and i'm starting to feel tired of travelling. Never thought travelling would be something tiresome to me, but yeah.. the fatigue is starting to kick in.
Leaving for Philippines right after my last paper, stayed there for 3 weeks. Came back for a week or so, was packed with shoots back-to-back, flew to China for holiday with my family. Now that i'm back, I'm flying off again to BKK with my girlfriends on tuesday.
Sigh! I need some energy and motivation, anyone! Hahaha can anyone ever get tired of shopping too? Well.. I am, :( At least for clothes haha! (my mom and matt would be happy to hear this).

Another reason why I don't feel like travelling anymore is because I feel so bad for leaving all my loved ones in singapore:( And all my favourite blog shops as well! UGH I know how much it frustrates those lovely owners whenever I tell them i've to go away again :/

But well, mongabong being mongabong.. I know that despite all the complaints now, things will probably be different once I get there and see all the clothes again. LOL! So yes! I shouldn't speak too early huh. (Just in case anyone says that i'm being too whiny, I know I am right now tyvm ) hahaha

So the past few days have just been maximizing my time with Matt ;) Wheee~ We are both addicted to this app that makes GIFs haha!

It's just us being silly as usual :) 
I've been really blessed to have been invited to model for Gipsy Pixie a few days ago, and my.. you guys have no idea how honored I felt! 
Besides having a wide range of clothing, Gipsy Pixie also offers their customers with high quality service and they even pay attention to the little-st details most blog shops don't. 
Every collection they have are all shot outdoors, and with so much effort put into each launch. Unfortunately I did not get to work on an outdoor shoot with them this time, I'm still really glad that I got to be part of their newest collection that will be launching tomorrow @ 8pm.

Here are some of my favorite outfits taken from their facebook: 

Visit them now! 


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