31st May

Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello everyone, missed me? I'm back! Hehe I don't really have much to update you guys on, except for the fact that i've been so busy eating lately. LOL 
I spend tons of money on food, im not even kidding. How did i even survive with only $10/day back then in secondary school? I really wonder... 
Everything in Singapore costs so much! expecially food, because I LOVE FOOD so much! Im sure everyone can tell from the rate I post food photos on my Insatgram all the time. Oh oh! And how I always tell myself that I want to try to adopt a healthier diet by "eating clean" and ending up giving in to temptations. 
I know I'm not fat guys, I'm not saying that i am! So don't get me wrong.. hahaha especially those who said that I was being a little bit too narcissistic? I'm guessing you guys are talking about how I am like when it comes to working out and how my body looks. 
All i'm trying to do is to adopt a healthier diet. It might not necessarily mean that a healthier meal will have a lower calorie count as compared to less healthy foods, it's only just the case, in most scenarios. 
So yes! Just clearing up the air... I'm not obsessed at weight loss or anything, okay guys?:) I merely want to train myself to be disciplined enough to junk less (because I junk ALOT) , and have a healthier body in the long run.

Being healthy can bring one happiness too. Knowing that your body is functioning well, you'l be less prone to falling ill. Working out will be easier as well. And if you're influential enough, you might even influence your loved ones around you to adopt a healthier diet with you, too! 
Furthermore, I believe that disciplined can not only be used in this form, but rather can be applied to all aspects in life ;) SO YES, I NEED YOUR HELP GUYS :( 

Hehehe so sorry this is such a random post, I know. What's a blog post if there are no pictures right ?;) 
In case you guys missed my face, #justsayin :P

An outdoor shoot I did with thirtythreads, absolutely in love with how all the photos turned out so I just thought I'd share it here too :)

This morning before checking out. HEHE with the cute domo. DAMN CUTE RIGHT 

Greetings from the M&Ms 
Have a great weekend everyone! Toodles ~ 


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