Adventures to the Land of Smiles

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hello my darlings! Im back!
This time, I flew to bangkok with my girlfriends, to the Land of Smiles for some shopping hehe. Initially I told myself that I wont be buying much clothes because I have my sponsors and since my sister is gonna be having her own online store, she could sponsor me some clothes as well. 
BUT. this is totally not true girls. Haha please don't deceive yourself like how I did guys!
For the rest of this post, I shall let the photos do the talking! I'm sorry i didnt take much pictures with my phone because there wasn't much to snap anyway.. Unless you guys are not tired of seeing my face HAHA
Also! I'm thinking of getting a new camera that is compact yet gives me high quality photos! Any cameras to recommend anyone? :)

Day 1 started off with Platinum Fashion Mall and the whole stretch of malls and streets along the Pratunam area. 
This area has the best deals for clothing items, as they offer wholesale prices. Meaning if you buy 2/3pcs and above! One tip, go to one shop with a bunch of friends so that you can find one item each from the same store to get wholesale prices:)

The first day at Platinum with my banana nutella crepe ;)

And at the end of Day 1... Look at the damage done

Day 2's OOTD

Day 2:
We went back to the Platinum Fashion mall area again! Haha seriously for those who are planning to visit BKK, I suggest you guys cater more time for this area because this area has the best fashion items at the most reasonable prices :)

Had the much missed A&W for lunch!

My Fried chicken with basil Sauce + rice. It was not bad!

Saw this really cute shirt at Platinum hehe so cute right! 

Bought this chain bracelet and I fell in love instantly. i took it out of the packaging to put it on immediately.. but I lost it on the plane back. ARGHHHHH I swear I almost cried:'(
Does anyone know where can I find a similar one in Singapore? Please tell me! 

Tried street food !

Mmmmhmmm Mango Sticky Rice.. My favourite! 

An annoying photo of myself I sent to Matty HAHAH
Day 3: Went to Mah Boon Krong (MBK) on the Third day 
Tip: MBK has lots of bags that are really really cheap! (199THB ~ 8SGD) So if you guys can wait for MBK to get all your bags, you should! Because they are really cheap and they last pretty damn long. Most of my bags I carry over the years are all from there too :)

Top - Platinum
Headband - Platinum
Shorts - Chatuchak (From my prev trip to BKK)

Hello bestfriend, I love you

Pretty wei lin :)

Tried the amazing Mango Sticky rice blizzard from DQ!
It was surprisingly nice omg hahaha imagine having rice in your ice cream... but we went ahead to try it either way!

Shameless selfie

Walked into a beauty store and got all my nails painted at the testing counter. #typicalsingaporeans #free #justdoonly

My super bright nails after a super shabby job at the testing couter

Then it was the famous beef kway teow soup for Lunch!
I highly recommend this stall @ MBK! Its the first stall on the left when you enter the MBK food court.
It's super delish and the broth is soooooo flavorful.
*rubs tummy*

We decided to treat ourselves to a good steamboat buffet dinner that had free flow of ice cream, desserts, as well as japanese dishes like Chawanmushi, sushi, makis, handrolls, cooked yakiniku pork etc.
All for only 329THB ~ 13.70SGD
Where to find???
Then, we headed back to the hotel after one whole night of walking along the night markets of Huai khwang. They have awesome night markets there! So do check them out!
Take the BTS to huai khwang station and you will be able to see many many stalls lining up the roads once you get out :)

So yes back to the topic. We headed back to our hotel and we decided to do something fun! So since it was a double bestfriend trip, (sarah - me, Mich- WL), we attempted the "Best friend does my make up tag!"
Just to let you guys know, both sarah and mich know nothing about make up. LOL. how opposites attract huh. I am a huge fan of make up! I just love looking at new products and watching and reading on them all the time ;)

WL and my make up combined
So we filmed a video each, which I'm still considering if i should post it up or not because we both look like shit. LOL But basically i'm just gonna share how mine went. 

Sarah: Okay! Make up so easy! I know first step is foundation 
*Smears foundation on my face*
Sarah: Next step, concealor!
*Conceals my pimple*
Sarah: and last step, powder the face. Easy! 
*Takes bronzer and powdered my face* 

LOLLLLLLLL BRONZER. -.-"""""" That was my face when she was dusting it over my face because I wasn't supposed to say anything till the end of everything. Hahaha 

Afterwards, we swapped and it was my turn to apply make up on sarah. Gave her a super cute Jap-girl make up look and she secretly loved it hehehe.

Day 4: 

Because taking OOTD on the ground is too mainstream ><

Headed to Union Mall to do our nails on Day 4! 
I requested a daisy print and google-d the photo to show the manicurist. 
So so so happy with how it turned out! Really pretty isnt it?
Goes so well with my dress too hehehe


The Show-teeth-expand-nostrils-half-twist-weirdo-pose 
Then dinner at Siam Paragon.... wait for it.... wait for it....
How surprising mong ;)

Day 5! Chatuchak (JJ Market)
Tip: Dress light, light make up, SUNBLOCK, shades, lots of tissue paper, lots of drinking water, and a Big plastic bag to contain all your shopping. 
You dont want to carry one million small bags in your hands at once :)

The famous Coconut ice cream. Its a MUST TRY!
Tastes so heavenly, im sure i dont need to explain much? Hehe

Happy girl with her ice cream wheeeee

Had lunch at this place in Chatuchak that served noodle soup with chicken.
It was amazeballz really. My first time trying and i'm recommending it to you guys!
They only serve one dish the entire stall, so you can more or less imagine how sellable it is :)

So that's it guys! So sorry for the hiatus over and over again. I'm really grateful to all of you readers who have been following me on my IG (@mongabong) and keeping up with me! 
I'm finally done with my last trip for now.. So the good news, Ill be blogging more from now onwards! :)

I hope you guys found this post helpful! :) Oh and for those who asked how much I spent.. i spent about $600 SGD (excl accomodation & flight) to get this amount of items.

I know I've said umpteen times I'm not gonna shop that much.
Please don't scold me ;'(


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