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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hola guys!

I just shared my workout routine & diet tips with you guys recently and I'm so glad so many of you enjoyed it:) Hopefully my humble knowledge was useful enough!
So today, since i'm not feeling too restless for bed yet, I shall do another blogpost on all the products I use, ranging from skincare to makeup etc :)

So if you're interested, continue reading!

Disclaimer : I have a super annoying skin type. Combination/oily around my t-zone, dry around the sides of my mouth and chin. PLUS, my skin is really really sensitive and many products will cause me to breakout !:(

After many years of trial and errors (at the expense of my skin), I've found the products that are suitable for my skin and have stuck with them ever since.
Firstly, my skin care routine is no other than the usual - cleanse, tone and moisturize. And about twice a week, I'll exfoliate it with a super gentle facial scrub.
The Loreal Hydrafresh cleanser
A really light and refreshing gel cleanser for everyday use 

Clearskin Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash by Simple
This is one of the most gentle exfoliating washes I've come across over the years
Toner by Simple

Light Moisturizer by Simple
Really lightweight and it's fragrance free! (my skin cant take too much of those)
On other days when I feel like my skin needs more protection / salvation, I'll use these! 
Moisturizer from Dior's Hydralife series
Eye Cream by Dior

Facial masks from My Beauty Diary
Been using them since a young age and I love how they are good and cheap!
I would recommend the Strawberry/ aloe/ Apricot ones:)

So yes! That's all for skincare that is. Please bear in mind that the things I recommend are solely based on the results shown on my skin. And everyone have different skin types which will react differently to the products! 

Next up, Make up! WOOHOO

My everyday make up consists of : Concealor - Loose powder - Brows - Blush - Bronzer - Lip Balm - Basic eye shadow - Mascara - occasionally eye liner.

So here are the make up products I use + would recommend to you guys :

Pore Putty Face Powder in Tanslucent
This powder gives the look of smaller pores and it does not have any colour
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Highly recommend this! It keeps my face SUPER MATTE

Loreal Open Eyes Pro Quad
I am currently using the one in the old packaging.
Affordable and pigmented. Been using it for almost 2 years!

Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette
Im sure this needs no description as well right?
It's a staple that can create a thousand different looks

Babylips by maybelline
I think this needs no description right? Everyone knows how good and moisturizing this is.
Currently using the one in Anti-Oxidant Berry flavour :) YUM

Maybelline's Master Liner in Black / Brown
This liner has the consistency of somewhere in between a pencil and a gel liner
A little water and smudge proof, with the effect a eyeliner pencil would bring.
Major love.
Im into my 3rd one already!
I alternate in between about 6 blushes but these are the ones used more often!

Revlon Photoready cream blush in Flsuhed
Super smooth and blendable. Don't be fooled by the crazy bright colors!
They are really sheer when applied on the cheeks
Powdered blush in the colour Apricot Sheen 02 by Sephora
I love the little gold glitter in there!
Acts as a highlighting blush, IMO
Mocha by MAC
A deep, plum/brown colour
Maybelline's Magnum Volum Mascara

Brow pencil by Maybelline in Grey

Maybelline Mineral Concealor in the shade 02
Super smooth and blendable
Gives middle coverage

Oh! And I almost forgot.. Foundation! Hehe although I only put on foundation when I do photo shoots and remove them immediately after. I dont really like how foundation feels on my skin, they feel like they clog my pores up :( 

I was using the Elianto's Liquid foundation for a few years (Yeah I know.. A little goes a long long way. Besides I dont use foundation usually!) 
Elianto's Liquid foundation
However when Elianto stopped selling their products in Singapore, I switched to using Loreal after hearing sooo many good reviews on their liquid foundation. 
Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation in G3
Medium-Full coverage
Highly blendable and buildable
And I'm definitely impressed! I literally use 1.5 drops for my full face make up when I head for shoots. 1.5 drops! Each drop is only probably about 1cm in diameter, im not even kidding. 
Although I have shoots so often now, I think this one bottle is gonna last me for about 2 years LOL. 
The only downside to this foundation is that I'll tend to get a little oily after say.. 1 hour or so after application? However this isn't a problem for me because I know I have oily skin by natural so I would say that it's pretty normal! 
Just make sure to always have a pack of blotting sheets in your purse ALL THE TIME, and it will do the trick :) 

So yes! This is all for all the make up products I use.

As for hair.. you guys won't even believe me haha! I don't use any product for my tresses at all! 
I switch around shampoos and conditioners too often to recommend you guys any, and I dont really mask my hair anymore either.. Too time consuming to just sit in the shower for the products to set in :P 

& That's it guys! This post is dedicated to all the girls out there who's been asking me about the products I use. I've listed them all out, specially for you! :) 
I hope this post was an informative one, once again, feel free to drop me a question on anytime XOXO

Now for some short updates!
I'm a really happy girl tonight because the shoot I did with TheTinselRack has finally launched! I shouldn't go into details about how I was feeling so starstruck when I was told I was gonna model alongside their model. 
Of course i'd say i'm far from the modelling standards of their exclusive models because they are so much more experienced than I am, but altogether, I'm just really grateful to be able to work with one of the most established blogshops in Singapore :) 
The ttr team was so nice and caring, which made shoots really fun and interesting.

I just wanna share the joy with you guys! WHEEEEE~ 

Don't you guys just love their thumbnails in GIFs? I love them! Haha
Check out their new collection if you haven't :) All credits to The Tinsel Rack.

That's all for the week guys! It's gonna be monday tomorrow and it might be boring and mundane for some of you. Stay strong and hang in there! X
I'll be back real soon, missed you guys :*

P.S I'll be going away for a little while with my family, will be back real soon. Please stay with Smilelikeidiots lovelies 


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