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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello all!
I've recently asked my readers on what they'd like to read for my next blogpost. Most people answered saying they want to read about my workout routine, so here it is!

How I track my progress each time

I guess all of you guys know, that I work out/gym/exercise. And I'm really lucky to be blessed with some abs, a topic many people have asked me about over the years. I did not have them with just a week of core training, or whatsoever. Rather, I have been a badminton player since I was 13 and i've been pretty slim/skinny all my life.
I used to be really skinny, before I picked up sports. And only when i started to do badminton and exercising, I gained some weight, which I believed most of it came from the muscles I put on through exercising.
So with a naturally low fat content in my body, it wasn't hard for me to form those abs. I can literally do 30 crunches the night before, and wake up with nice and defined abs. (in the past, wish I could still do that).

What im saying now is that I've had abs wayyyy before, since I was 13, and over the years, the workout I've done are all for maintenance purposes.
I do not do hardcore exercises because all that I'm aiming for, is for a toned and defined body, not  a bulky one
I do not restrict my diet, or eat any less (I LOVE FOOD)

I'd just like to say that there are a few ways in order for a person to achieve "abs", meaning the usual 4-6 packs that have lines running down and across the abdomen area.
Firstly, mostly for girls, especially, you need to have low fat content before the abs will start to "surface" beneath all that excess skin/ fats we have on our abdomen. So for some of you that have been doing constant core exercises but still not seeing any results, try cutting down on processed foods like Fries, chips etc. It's been told that these foods are the ones that cause one to have a flabby abdominal area.

I know i'm in no position to say that because i'm most guilty of it. Heh. But well..... That's what I know! And i probably should try to adopt eating "cleaner" at least once in awhile. But it's just sooooo hard.

But that having said, moderation is key! So don't beat yourself up if you happen to give in to taking a mouthful of chips after 6 months or something. It's perfectly OK to give yourself a treat sometimes!

Also, there has been some misconceptions that skipping meals will help you lose weight. It is true, to a certain extent. But that is losing weight UNHEALTHILY.
Our organs need food and nutrients to function, and should a person not receive enough of those nutrients, his/her organs will start to shut down. When a person actually reaches that stage, it would be too late for regrets. So don't! Always bear in mind that if achieving the "perfect body" is aimed at bringing happiness and confidence in your life, then you should do it the right way. That way, you'd be happier and more energetic + healthier as you lose weight.

Eating a few small meals is better than one large meal. Im sure many of you have heard of this saying! So please don't starve yourself because by the time you reach your turn to be able to have a large meal, you'll feel so hungry that you actually eat more than what your stomach can take. And as a result, over-eat. Which can be bad for the stomach as well.

So after rambling on and on... I should probably jump into my workout routine.
Basically, I never really stick to just one routine throughout. I will work on one routine about thrice weekly, and slowly slowly, my body will start adjusting to that routine. It's only when I start to feel that my body is getting "too comfortable" with that routine then I'll know its time to change.

At the start of last year I downloaded this app called "abs" (It's free from iTunes!)

So basically I was following whatever they told me to do on the app and there's a few levels provided. With each level having different intensity and difficulty levels to all the various core workouts. I took around 4 months to complete all the levels and moved on to the next workout routine:) 

And if you're wondering, how I found all these.. I simply google-d/youtube-d them! Focusing on the different muscles I want to train. 
For instance, I wanted to focus on my lower abs and so I youtube-d "lower abs workout" and there are sooooo many workout videos out there for you to choose from. Stick to one for awhile and be disciplined and consistent. WAHLAh~~

Right now, I mix and match a few exercises from the different workout routines I've done over the years. I adjust my workout according to the different muscles I want to focus on, and only do the workouts that help with those. 

I don't run, I hate running LOL. But i probably should because running helps to burn off that layer of fat on our abdomens, allowing our abs to "surface" more easily. So yes! Running is one way. Not sprint, imo, because we don't want bulky muscles, but rather we want to sweat it out and tone! 

Leg raises
25 each set, 3 sets
25 each set, 3 sets
Firms butt, thighs and side abs

Side planks
20 each set, 3 sets

Besides that, I do exercises that will firm my thighs and butt as well :)

Kick upwards
20 each leg per set, 3 sets
It will be good to do it on an exercise matt to protect your back! 

So basically that's about it guys! No secret to anything. Just pure discipline and determination:) It can get tough and tiresome sometimes, but don't give up! 
Most importantly, learn to understand your body and do whatever makes you happy. Trial and error some of the workouts and test if your body will be able to take that particular routine.
Not all workout routines are suitable for everyone, so remember, always start slow and make sure your body in accustomed to your workouts first before you continue to challenge yourself with higher intensity ones. 

Don't terrorize your body with all that insane hardcore workouts for a start. The last thing you want is to injure yourself! 

Lastly, just be happy and healthy! Exercising is really therapeutic sometimes too :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And I hope I answered most queries you guys might have for me regarding this topic :) Feel free to ask me more at! 

TOODLES~ And good luck! 

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