Sparkle IV to Batad, Iloilo & Boracay! (Part 2)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hola lovelies! It's day 2 in singapore hehe sooo glad to be back home.
Waking up every morning without 10 new mozzie bites - something i've learnt to appreciate about Singapore. Oh, and the luxury of taking showers as and when I like, without having to worry about the water supply getting cut off halfway while shampoo-ing your hair. LOL

So yes! Today, i'll be blogging about the second half of my trip with Project Sparkle IV to Batad, Iloilo. On the second weekend of our stay in Batad, we were assigned to different host families to stay over the weekend. It was aimed to let us experience the lives of the locals and we basically had to follow our host families around to do what they would usually do on weekends.

Gen, Becca and I were posted to our host mom, Ma'am Lea, who lived really near the city with her aunt.
Goofing around w Gen
Haha thank goodness we got one of the best houses amongst all the other Sparklers. Ma'am Lea's house was made of bricks, while many others still lived in wooden/rattan houses. We had marble tiled floors, and a toilet bowl with a flushing system:) haha ^^v.
Upon reaching the house, we were greeted with a Philippines snack, called Pitcheroll(?) Idk how you spell it, haha but thats how it's pronounced. Its rolled up bread, with cheese, sausages and pineapples in it, coated with deep fried bread crumbs. I absolutely loved this dish! I think I ate about 10 of those rolls in Batad. I even cooked it for my fellow sparklers back at our "house" hehe.

After which, Ma'am Lea brought us to the next town, Sandenisio, where she taught the church choir there on weekends. I concluded that all Pinoys can sing, literally. They. Are. So. Good. Even without a piano, they can be pitch-perfect (Y) 

All the cute doggies we saw in Sandenisio :)

After sitting in their choir practice, she brought some of her students along with us to tour around the area, and here are some beautiful pictures taken with my Iphone. The view at the beach was sooo breathtaking!

The three of us with Ma'am Lea

We also met her cute little Niece, who came over almost everyday! Meet Izrah, she's so lovely isn't she?:) 

Warning, lots of camwhoring shots! The kids just love to camwhore haha

Oh and did I mention? The Sparkle girls decided to all dip dye our ends red together! Here's mine, hahaha. Pretty cool isn't it?

This philipino desert is a must-try! It's called the "halo-halo" and it's like their version of Ice Kachang :) The only difference is, it's served in coconut and their coconut they have there are so fresh and good. GM-free!


So that concludes the end of my post about my homestay with Ma'am Lea! it was a really pleasant experience :) So thank you to every single one of you in Batad for providing us with so much warmth and care! XO

Next up, BORACAY!

I'm gonna let the photos do the talking hehe:

We had drinking sessions everynight during our stay in Boracay at the boy's room. It was hilarious to see how everyone started to get high and some even, drunk! Hahahah 

Cute michy

The rest of us headed to check out the clubs along the Boracay beach Hehe!

LOL @ Yixi


Supper after, at 3am.

Hungry boys

 Day 2: 
Woke up to the most beautiful view ever, right in front of our hotel 

 I swear, all these photos are raw and have no filter added to them. It's so beautiful that it looks kinda fake, doesn't it? 

Hotel breakfast that was.. MEH


When it was about to rain

Headed to the amusement park after breakfast to try out the different land activities they offered! Got scammed big time there, but ah well.. Shall not waste my time and effort ranting about what happened then.
Just a note to you guys who are planning to go to Boracay anytime soon, please double confirm with them the price negotiated. If there's a need to, triple confirm!

With joey

Looking ridiculous in the ATV helmet 

The ATV gang

Lunch at Yellow Cab. It was amazinggggg
(Look at all the technology slaves in the background. Yep, im guilty too! Haha)

Just another trip to the supermarket and look what the boys came back with.. 
Tons and tons of alcohol!
Alcohol was super cheap over there, some even cheaper than a bottle of plain drinking water. Why, singapore, why :(

Looking at this photo just made me salivate. Ahhhh, grilled squid at Gerry's grill. 

Now you guys know how I got fat! We actually thought we would come back looking thinner and tanner but we all ended up gaining a few more pounds! Just look at the amazing food we had. 
Every meal was Pizza, grilled dishes, Macdonald's, ice cream, booze, carbonated drinks etc. PLUS. I wasn't able to do my workout over there very well.


Oh and not forgettting starbucks too! We literally had a cup of Starbucks everyday. It wasn't that much cheaper as compared to singapore, but we were all deprived of food from Civilisation. LOL!

Just chillin' w my Strawberries and Cream

A bracelet made of wires!

Squid ink pasta OHYEAHH
 Day 3:

Then came the exciting part... I got a tattoo! Hahaha Just kidding! It's a temporary one, although I got it in the exact same design I planned to ink on myself in the future. Hehe
Trolled so many people! And it was soooo hilarious to listen to them go "wow... badass.." 
HAHA! Im sorry if you're one of the many who got trolled! 
Hahaha guys, come on! Look at the ink bottle in the photo below! how can that possibly be real.
The real one will be coming soon, alright!!!!

My pretty bestfriend

 In the blink of an eye, it was our last day and we had to return back to singapore:( 
12 hours of travelling! (bus > ferry> bus> flight> flight> car)

Overall, I love Boracay! And i highly recommend all of you, especially those who love beaches and all the water activities to pay boracay island a visit. The 5th best beach in the world will certainly not let you down! 
This is the end of my posts on my OCSP trip, and i can safely say that I have enjoyed myself thoroughly throughout. I learnt truckloads, made many good friends, went through ridiculous dramatic moments, and grew to appreciate everything around me more!

So thank you philippines, everyone from Batad, and the amazing boracay island. I hope i'll have a chance to visit you again! 

Ps. Im sorry my dear readers! For this extremely brief post filled with low quality photos. I didnt bring my camera over with me so all these photos are all from my iPhone :( And so many things happened over the 18 days, I couldn't blog about each and every event in details! So if you guys want to know more, feel free to drop me a question on my account:)


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