River Safari & Singapore Zoo

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Yello guys!
I'm sure all of you know that I went to the newly opened River Safari today! I'm just gonna blog about it right now before it becomes too overdue. hahah excited much!
Because it's only a soft launch still, some of the exhibits are still not opened yet. A pity we didnt get to see some animals like the Anaconda 0.0 and take the river rides, which I believe, would have been the highlight of the trip.
Nevertheless thank god for the good company and the time for us all to head down there despite the heavy schedules we have. SMU Sutdents... what to do :(

Let the pictures do the talking! *Warning lots of photos*

Dont they remind you of Madagascar? haha
Happy boy looking so happy with the otters.
Croc that appeared out of nowhere.
Alligators that were huge ass and they scare me:(

The Giant Panda, kai kai that was SUPER CUTE! It was eating the whole time, non-stop seriously.
So cute! Hahaha he got so lazy while eating halfway he decided to lay down flat on his back, then he continued eating again. 

Uh oh. My face when I got caught eating chips on Cam HAHHA

Orang Utan Standing Like A Boss (Y)

My best friend <3

Annoying Couple 101

I loved this picture! It was super cute how the moknkeys lined up together and sat on the branches to Shit. LOL

Then the Mekong River Exhibit

Boys being boys
Tourist-y shot

Finally, my favourite part! 
For those of you that don't (already) know, I adore snakes and I think they are really beautiful (Y) 
However I think i'll freak out if I ever see a snake appear in front of me LOL. Just saying.

Can you spot the snake? Its so pretty! *screams*

Super cute Pelican that refused to move during the animal show. Hahahha It was walking just right next to me. 
It was surprisingly huge!

Cock eye-d people

Our tired faces from walking about 3/4 of the zoo

Overall, the River Safari was good and enjoyable! Can't wait for it to be fully opened :) Although i'm not too sure if i'll go back there anytime soon because i've more or less seen everything. Hahah 
Maybe i'll come back for you, Anaconda. Just maybe :) 
All photos are taken raw from Bay's camera. Pardon the pimple on my forehead :/ 
<3 you guys! 

It was a good day well-spent and thank goodness I have my bestfriend and her boyfriend to ask us along! (I didnt even know about the river safari LOL) 
Alright guys! Happy weekends :) 

xoxo, mongabong

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