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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Hola everyone!
I've been so busy recently I almost forgot about this little space of mine. I missed you, blogger.
Alright I should probably stop acting weird. My brains are a little fried from the two presentations I had today, so pardon me :/
My bizlaw presentation actually lasted 1.5 Hours Guys... 1.5 HOURS. So much for class-part whores during the last lesson this semester.
So today marks the last day of official lessons and soon, it will be my last day being a freshman.
Feeling rather bittersweet about this, ah well I shan't go into that. Just really really thankful for everyone that prayed for me to pull through this week.
And I did. Yesssah!

I realized I missed out on so much and im so behind with the updates here :(
This whole week has been filed with lots and lots of food. Im not even kidding. I had 4 buffets in a week! Sure to have gained some weight :)

Found this in my locker last monday, super grateful for all these support when I needed them most

A photo from my first outdoor shoot I did with a blogshop that has yet to launch this collection

For those that followed me on Instagram / Facebook would have known that I did a shoot with MyPaper on their Thursday issue on their fashion section. It was a shoot I did with Soon Lee (the shop that manages Rockstar) and it was such a great great experience. 
Although the write up was in Chinese that was a little steep for me :/ (MyPaper is a bilingual paper, but the English side has the IT section while fashion falls under the Chinese side of the paper, boo)
I'm glad the photos turned out so well :) At least I still looked like myself! 

On last saturday, Matty decided to bring me out for a good lunch as we realised we havent gone out on a date for way too long as we were both too busy and swamped with school :(
Headed to equinox for their semi-buffet lunch and in my opinion, it was good!
The spread was awesome, they had really fresh seafood and sashimi etc. Most importantly, they served Parma Ham!!!!! :O

+++++ Point (Y)

My salmon main course which was... So-so 

Our super full faces all stuffed! 

We then headed to church after for Good Friday service, and after it was dinner and then to Rochester Starbucks with Sarah and Gid! (We named them the annoying couple btw, cause they are so lovingly-annoying)

It's the prettiest starbucks i've seen and all these while I could only look and fantasize it through photos of it on the net.. I finally got to see it for myself!!!! So thankful for Matt and the annoying couple for accompanying me :) <33333
It was a lot smaller than I expected but ah well! The trees along it was all lined with fairy lights. I love fairy lights!

Annoying couple

They were so couple-y we had to do one too *competitive mode on*
My best-est best friend of 7 years
So thankful and I know I always say that i am, but I really really am! So glad we are both in SMU now and we have church on saturdays together and I cant wait for our first ever overseas trip together during summer :)

Shortly after, matt and I went for another international buffet dinner at Swissotel (again)
Gosh I swear, that was the first time I actually looked at salmon sahimi and went "again....?"
Hahha I wonder how all those super rich people can eat them everyday. I was so sick of it! But thankfully the quality of it saved this thought. Hahah
It was sooooo fresh and good and gosh that restaurant served the best sashimi out of all the buffets I had over the past few days. 

Crayfish was so yumz too

Wheeee Chilli crab :)

I have so much more to blog about, keep a look out for this space as more awesome posts on clothes will be coming you way soon! Have a great weekend everyone :) I can't wait for the new River Safari this Saturday with Matty & the annoying couple.

XO, Mongabong

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