Wednesday, April 10, 2013


How's everyone doing this week? It's week 14 and I thought week 13 was worse.. i was wrong.
Finals are just around the corner and Im so swamped with all the revision i've yet to catch up on:(
Anyhow! I thought i'd just take some time (since im taking a break from studying) to blog about my ootds the past few days!

First OOTD last thursday, when I had 2 presentations back to back!
Thank god I survived
Top: Forever 21
Pants: The Editor's Market
Blazer : Kindly sponsored by Twotimesdreams
Shoes: Random impulsive buy at Bugis Street 

This chiffon blazer is a really versatile piece! Good for presentations or occasions when you're required to dress up a little more formal. 
The reason why I chose this from the rest of their collection is because I felt that the Chiffon material allows this blazer to be both Casual and Formal at the same time! 
Throw it over a tee-shirt like I did and it instantly plays it down. I would pair this with a simple tee with shorts and Sperrys on normal days, too:)
 For a more formal feel, throw it over a shirt and a pair of work pants, top it off with heels, TADAH! 

Dress: Kindly sponsored by Shopjenith
Headband: Bangkok

I can't even start on how much I adore this yellow piece! 
Its so sweet and it fits me really well. A staple piece, I would say. 
Pair it with flip flops for the beach, or a t-bar wedge on a casual day:)
Heels for a semi-formal occasion!

As you can see, dad went a little too much with the photos. HAHA
Pardon the eye bags and pimple, taken raw from dad's camera and i dont know how to edit them away LOL NOOB.

Top: H&M
Skirt: Wonderlustworld (Yet to launch)

This is my OOTD for today, as most have already seen on Instagram (Follow @mongabong)
This is such a pretty cream colored skater skirt. The tiny daisy details at the bottom are what drew me into keeping this for myself. Perfect for school/ High tea/ Shopping/ Anything :)
Pair it with a crop tee for a more casual look :)

Now for the more random things, 

Introducing Kai Kai! The panda that couldnt stop eating hahahaha 
Have a great mid week everyone :) Press on for those who are mugging for exams!


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