Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hello guys!
Yes, yes, yes you've all probably heard about it, I'm liberated!
Although I got slaughtered by my MA paper really really badly, Im just so glad that it's over and hopefully I can do well enough to not retake it next sem ;( That would suck, boo.
Anyhow, my eyes are now .___. this tiny. HAHA I've been awake for the past 20 hours!
Talking about this I just got a shock when I reached over to check the time. Okay shucks, better hurry and head to bed! :)

Nevertheless today was a really happy day despite being soo tired. 
Finally got to meet my girlies, wished sarie was here but ohwells! Everyone so busy with their lives its so hard to even meet up with old friends.

A photo of my new messy bun. Nice?:)
 Headed back to "try" to crash before heading out for late dinner with my long lost JC girls. Missed them so much!
We decided to try the legendary Shiok maki at Koh Grill and Sushi Bar (?) (Im sorry guys, too lazy to google) 

If you're wondering why we were all hugging the chair.. We saved a seat for Sarieberrie! <3
Even though she's not here with us boohoo

Shiok Maki 2 - tempura

Basically, there are two types of Shiok Maki. Shiok maki 1 & 2.
Shiok Maki 1 contains Ungai (eel), and Shiok Maki 2 contains tempura (fried prawn). Both are all wrapped with generous slices of salmon sashimi, drenched with their special sauce. Topped with ebiko roe. YUM

Verdict? I preferred the Shiok Maki 2 better as I liked the texture of it. A little crunchy on the inside, and chewy on the outside. Shiok Maki 1, was however, a little too sweet for me. The Special sauce on the Maki already carried a little sweetness on its own. Ungai sauce on top of that? nah, a little too much. 
Just a little, though :) Still YUM. 
I'd still go back again if it wasn't for the waiting time! We waited for 35 mins and only got seated at 9 pm :( 

Next up, Royal Pudding from Paris Baguette ($4.50)
Never expected it to be this small!
Verdict: Not as good as what everyone made it out to be! It was a little too runny, in fact, its texture reminded me more of custard/melted custard than pudding!
Good for milk lovers as this is super milky! Pretty delish , if you don't mind it tasting like melted vanilla ice cream from Macdonald's. 
However it was still smooth, not too sweet and the portion was just nice :) 

The best part of today: Meeting my beautiful babygirls again

Alright guys, thats it! Just thought i'd give a quick update on my liberation since its such good news heh;) SUMMER HERE I COME!

Gonna start filling up my to-do-list for summer. 
All after Philippines, of course. Damn, i'm dreading it:(

Goodnight my lovelies! 

XOXO, Monggy

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