Final lap + Updates

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello my lovelies! How are you guys holding up? Finals are just round the corner for me, and sigh I barely have enough time to breathe. Really envious of those who can juggle both work, family, friends and still do so well in their studies.
Nevertheless, im grateful to be blessed with people that acknowledge me for my work and effort ^^v
& also, thank you to each and everyone of you out there who haven't abandoned smilelikeidiots and myself, because i've been trying my best not to go MIA!

Last month, I did my second outdoor shoot at Fort Canning Centre. 
First time was at the same location, but with my bestfriend last year hehe, talking about that, it looked so much like a lesbo couple wedding shoot LMAO.
Thirtythreads just launched and I managed to grab some photos to show them to you guys :) 

I would say, this is my favorite photo! Was already the last outfit and I didn't even have to pose for this "gosh I hate the sun" look.

Credits to Thirtythreads

Next up, my elder sis, Maureen's 21st birthday party!
Wow I swear, the title "saikang warrior" is an understatement that day. I was in charge of shifting things, decorations, banner, balloons, photography, photobooth, and cleaning up. 
Hahaha but nope, im not complaining, its gonna be my turn next year and maureen will do the same for me (if she can) muahahaha. 
Colorful Kueh lapis handcarried all the way back from Sarawak!
Super cool and gorgeous:) The rainbow ones at the top were original flavoured while the turquoise ones were mint flavoured *.*

#shameless selfie HAHA

The beautiful tiara cake that night

The Yeoh family <3
Didn't really take much photos that day as I was the camera woman, hence most of the time i'm behind the camera ;) hehe

Despite being super busy and caught up with preparation for finals, I'm glad I could still meet Matty like everyday. LOL 
Headed to Blackbird Cafe, a place I went twice before and has never failed me. 
Im not even kidding. How can every single thing on their menu taste so good?? Even their salads are one of the best salads i've tasted *.*
For those of you who are interested in trying this cafe out, its located at the building next to the Cathay! 
I highly recommend the Jay's Risotto, Lasagna, Wagyu beef (it literally melts in your mouth) 
Darn it im salivating whilst typing this :/ 

Thick cut fries with their special house sauce

My Kiwi Burger that was... not bad but, nothing fantastic. I would recommend the ones mentioned above :)

Here's a super cute photo of Ash (M's cat) *AWWW*

Apart from that, I managed to squeeze in two more shoots before I told myself that i've really gotta stop being such a workaholic before it takes a toll on my studies :/

HAHAHHA sorry for the face. It was my "Work's over!!!!" face :D
I'm in Shopjenith's Stace Casual Romper, if you guys are wondering, I kept a piece for myself too! 

Be sure to check out their new collection that has just been launched! 

The past few days has been a real busy and stressful one, with finals coming up and my body not cooperating with me during this crucial period. However, yesterday was a really happy day and I was overjoyed to receive some news :) 
Stay tuned to find out what its about ! hehe. So thankful, Thank God. 
Today, I realized how truly blessed I am. 
Life is good so far and i'm contented.
Hang in there guys! It's the final lap.


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