Friday, April 26, 2013

Hello my lovelies!
I'm sure those of you who followed me on Instagram (@mongabong) have found out what the good news I mentioned earlier was all about.
I was really honoured to be invited to shoot for Ohsofickle and I got to meet Tammy, LOL pardon the fan-girl-ing over here. Well you can't blame me because I've been her reader since I was like what. 14? 15? and i've always been so envious of the girls that could work with her.
It was like a dream come true for me, so thank God!

I also got to work with Acelyn, the owner of Chaceylove. It was such an awesome experience to work with this girl that does everything! From the Ironing of clothes, make up, to styling.. She does it all by herself! (TJ/SMU has trained her well, haha)
*Big shout out to you if you're reading this Acelyn *waves* *

So this few days have been blessed with really good opportunities, working with people i've never imagined I would get the honor to work with. Plus the never ending support from M who would sit down with me at my shoots for hours and hours straight, chauffeur me around, and constantly looking out for me. I'm really grateful :*
However they will all be launching when i'm away :( boohoo, tell me how the photos went, somebody? haha I doubt i'll get internet access that easily in Philippines :(

Thank you for always being my pillar of strength and my number 1 supporter <3

So this was us before we headed to PS Cafe at Dempsey hill that night. For our second date!
Finally satisfied my cravings for truffle fries that night and boy.. Look at how massive this $15 monster is.
His "how the hell do we finish this" face. LOL
Nevertheless, it was a super filling and satisfying meal! Truffle fries was not bad:) However I would highly recommend sharing it with like at least 4 people because you know.. um, you know what I mean *points to the pic above* HEHE!

The past few days after my last paper has been great, and time really flies. I'm flying off to Philippines tomorrow tobe a <s>maid</s> volunteer. So meanwhile, if any of you guys email me or are wondering why I've gone MIA, please don't give up on me!!!!:(
I'll be back soon on the 15th of May, next month, with lots of photos and stories:) 
I will reply all emails if I can have internet access there, ASAP! 
i promise :)

So take care, everyone! I'll be back soon.
Please don't forget mongabong or smilelikeidiots because 
I W I L L B E B A C K S O O N 
Love you all, xoxo 

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