Treating Rounded Shoulders with Acupuncture at PULSE TCM Clinic

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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Many people requested for me to share my acupuncture journey with PULSE TCM with photos of the progress and here it is! To be very very honest, I've been struggling with rounded shoulders for many many years, decades I would say. And I've sought help from lots of physicians before, from Massages, Tui Na, to going for physios.. and while some of them did work for a little bit, none of them delivered results as quickly and as obvious as acupuncture.

To explain further, let me show you some old photos of my shoulders.
My main issue was ROUNDED SHOULDERS, which is a form of postural abnormality. It could be due to many reasons, and I strongly believe that mine is caused by improper sitting posture, long hours before the computer and also improper sleeping posture. I often sleep in a curled up position and have been doing so from young, and as a result, I developed really tensed, bulging and swollen muscles on my shoulders. 
From the side, it looked like I had a slight hunch, and not to mention, it was often painful and I wouldn't be able to sit in a position for too long. 

PULSE TCM reached out to me not too long ago and sounded me out on the idea of Acupuncture
I'm someone with very high tolerance for pain, and i've always been exposed to acupuncture as an athelete so the thought of having hair-like needles in me didn't scare me at all.


I can understand why some of you guys would be scared at the thought of it. Soooo I hope i'm able to convey the message that ITS REALLY NOT THAT SCARY , IT'S NOT EVEN PAINFUL!  

PULSE TCM is located in the heart of the country, conveniently at Wheelock place & Marina Bay Link Mall. When I first stepped into PULSE, all images of the traditional chinese medical halls immediately got dispelled from my mind. This felt more like a spa than it was a TCM place, I thought. And that's where PULSE is different from the rest.
All staff at PULSE , including assistants and doctors are all very well-trained in their art and all of them are BILINGUAL! Which is super duper important to me because I can imagine how intimidating it can be if you're not too familiar with the language.

This also means that TCM is now accessible to all our non-mandarin speaking friends and everyone can enjoy this amazing medical technique that has a super long history and has stood through time.

Dr. Chan is a super kind lady that is super knowledgable. From the first session, she could easily pick out my body's weak points just by taking my pulse.
Then, we started the first acupuncture session to treat my shoulders. A few hair-like needles were placed into a few points and oddly enough, they didn't hurt at all. And when I mean AT ALL, i mean 0/10 literally. But of course, it depends on where the needles are inserted, generally areas that are "less-meaty" will be less painful.
Dr Chan then went to "trigger" those points by turning the needles a few times. This again is not painful at all, but it had a very odd sensation where you could feel your muscles loosening.
Only when the needles are inserted at the problematic areas, you'll feel that sensation. That is when you know it's working and its the RIGHT point because inserting the needles into normal, non-problematic areas will have no feeling at all.
Only for the first session, Dr. Chan followed up with another technique in concurrent with acupuncture. That is "cupping" where glasses are lit up in flames and it creates a suction cup.

So basically this is what I do every 1-2 times a month depending on my schedule and I've seen HUGE results!
Not only do I not feel aches in my shoulders anymore, the biggest difference I see is my posture and the swelling of my back muscles have all gone down.
Pretty obvious huh!
This was what I took over 3 different sessions, and you can see very clearly the muscles on 19th April was super tensed and my muscles were starting to bulge out again. But in just 1 session, it got alot better and the swell has all subsided on 11th may. 

Today, I'm able to wear sleeveless, off shoulder tops with confidence and it's all thanks to PULSE TCM and Dr. Chan! If you've got any pain issues, posture problems, or even if you're looking for a natural fat management way, I highly recommend checking out PULSE TCM!
They even specialise also specialise in treatments like Acupuncture Facial & Acupuncture Weight Management.

If you guys have any questions, you can simply post your questions on their 'Ask Physician' platform, before heading down physically.

Special trial price for my readers:
Simply quote "MONGCHIN" to enjoy your first acupuncture trial
(inclusive of consultation with a physician) at only $48!

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Tel: 6235 2855 

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