NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion

Thursday, June 08, 2017

A moisturizer that is basic without any sun protection isn't enough to keep all the harmful UV rays away. While we hear a lot about sun protection for our faces, we shouldn't neglect our body as well. This is something I'm super guilty about because I often find it hard to bring myself to apply body lotion and even sunscreen on my body as I detest the sticky, heavy feeling the usual products make me feel.

But.. I know that in order to keep my skin looking fair, young and smooth, I have to.

With that in mind, I've been on the hunt for a body lotion that not only helps to moisturize my skin, but also provides some form of extra protection for my skin, especially when I'm out and about under the harsh Singapore sun. 
I brought my NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion with me on my trip to Taipei recently as I love how it is so convenient to use. With a pump, I'm able to dispense the lotion without contaminating the entire bottle.

Before I head out for a full day of exploring (under the sun), I apply the NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion all over my body and limbs, and surprise surprise ~ IT'S SUPER LIGHT AND ABSORBS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!

The NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion contains SPF protection which is a sufficient amount for sun coverage, and it is also helps fight the 10 signs of dull and dry skin arising from UV damage for fairer and smoother skin!

The 10 signs of dull and dry skin arising from UV damage are : Dark spots, Dry itchy skin, Rough patches, Dry flaky skin, Cracked Skin, Dehydrated Skin, Unsmooth Skin, Naturally Dull Skin Tone, Uneven Skin Tone, and Dull Skin Tone from Accumulated Skin Damage from the sun.

Do you spot any of these problems in your skin?

I do, for sure. I've got all of the above dry skin problems, darkening of the skin, and even rough patches and the NIVEA Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion aims to fight all of the above in the long run!
Smooth, light, easy to apply and is absorbed immediately.

I highly recommend this to urban girls like me that are often busy, out and about, and need a multi-tasking product. You don't have to be doing outdoor activities to apply a sun protection product, in fact, UV rays are veryyyyy hard to avoid!
Think walking to the bus stop, walking from the MRT station, even sitting near a window on a sunny day can harm your skin if you don't take appropriate measures to care for it.
Hence, instead of applying thick sunscreens to protect yourself from that short walk to lunch or the mrt, you can just use NIVEA’s Extra White SPF30 Body Lotion which helps to hydrate your skin and make it fairer and smoother and at the same time protect you from the UV rays which leads to dull and dry skin and many other problems.

So if you're interested in the NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Lotion SPF30 , you can head over to NIVEA's facebook page to read more about it.


This post is brought to you by NIVEA, all opinions and reviews are my own.

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