How I Whiten My Teeth at Home| Pop Smile Review

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

pop smile review, teeth whitening diy, at home
Alot of you asked me how I keep my teeth white (or rather as white as I can) despite consuming so much coffee. If you don't already know, my love for coffee is a just a tiny bit insane. On an average day, I have 2 cups of coffee. If I manage to get a grip on myself that is :P

I can't give up on the beverage I love most, I can only rely on good oral hygiene habits and teeth whitening treatments to keep my teeth white! Today, I'm going to review a very popular DIY Home Teeth Whitening Kit that has taken the world by storm, Pop Smile
pop smile review, teeth whitening diy, at home
This is the Ultimate Teeth Whitening Kit came in a very pretty little box and here are the contents!
pop smile review, teeth whitening kit,
- 1 LED device
- 2x customisable mouth guards
- 3x 3ml syringes 
- 5x 0.2ml pre treatment swabs 
- 1 mouth guard case 
- 1 teeth whitening pen 
- 1 Pop Smile travel pouch

Everything is super compact and really good quality! 
I did a video demo + review the first time I tried the Pop Smile Teeth Whitening Kit on Youtube, so scroll down for the video if you're interested to see how it works.
pop smile review, teeth whitening diy, at home, mongabong, singapore
But basically the entire process took me around 11mins. A few seconds for my mould to form, half a minute for me to apply the gel on the mouth trays, and another 10 mins for the LED light to work its magic.

And here are the results!

I don't have very yellow teeth to begin with because I just did a session of professional LED Teeth Whitening about a month back. So I'm quite impressed with the results. You can apparently get your teeth up to 8 shades lighter, depending on individual and also depending on the frequency of usage. 

I think this is at least 3 shades lighter? Not too bad for a first time! Results are pretty obvious if you put the 2 before and after pics side by side.
pop smile results, honest , before and after

This kit is also peroxide-free, so you can be rest assured that it is super safe, even for sensitive teeth! Peroxide actually wears down the enamel of your teeth and harm your gums, and sadly most teeth whitening kits in the market all contain peroxide as an ingredient :( Thank god for Pop Smile! Not only is it peroxide-free, it is also clinically proven to be effective and contains 99% natural, mouth-friendly ingredients.

PLUS! It is a much more economical alternative to professional teeth whitening, which can cost up to hundreds of dollars each session. Step-by-step instructions are also included in the kit, so it is super simple to follow and use. If all else fails, watch my demo and you should be able to get it immediately !

Thank you Pop Smile for my new smile!


Products have been sent to me by Pop Smile, but all opinions are my own.

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