Earthy Tones

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Now that the end of the year draws to a close, my wardrobe has seemingly gravitated towards the duller, darker colors. Is it the weather? Hahaha the rain these days have been such a downer.
The moment I plan a shoot it chooses to rain. The day I decide to spend the extra effort to curl my hair, IT DECIDES TO RAIN AGAIN.


Today's outfit features a thin, comfy striped top in 3 funky colors (navy, cream and camel) which I've paired over an almost similar, camel bottom.
The fun thing about these multi-colored pieces is that it widens your color have so many color choices to match, as much as it seems like pairing them is gonna be so difficult. But the safest tip I would share is to pick one of the 3 colors, and go with the same colored bottom!

Instead of going with an ALL camel outfit, all navy or even all cream outfit, this top just adds that extra style to it and makes your outfit stand out from the crowd.

Both top and bottom can be found on wildpeonies, and you can cart out with my code "mongxwp" for 10% off. 
Discount doesn't apply to lingerie and items on BO.

Happy holidays!


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