Brush Lettering Workshop Weekend at Naiise

Friday, October 07, 2016

I hate thinking of what to do on weekends, because let's face it, apart from eating and doing the usual activities like watching a movie, there really isn't that many things to do. I'm talking about a chill activity that is, I'm not the kind to go hiking or scale mountains especially after a long and tiring week. HAHA

So one afternoon, Matt and I decided that we should do something we haven't done before. I've always loved brush-lettered prints and have been ordering them online. 
These are good for decorating your space with inspirational quotes that speak to you, or as gifts because they add so much of a personal touch to it. And since I love it so much... I decided to sign up for a Basic Brush Lettering Workshop via Naiise ! 
Dragged Matt along with me too and he ended up enjoying himself so much :)
For those that haven't heard of Naiise , it is a one-stop destination for anything with beautifully designed products. They started off as an online site, and have now expanded to 6 retail spaces in Singapore, with over 150,000 products stocked in-stores from over 890+ brands all over the world.
I love the ambience at Naiise because it reminded me so much of a playground - for the creative and curious minds. 
But did you know that Naiise also organizes a ton of hands-on workshops ? 
Find workshops ranging from baking to making your own leather bags to even learning brush lettering, like the class I attended!
So the class started with practising the basics of Brush Lettering. We were given a little course sheet and all the materials needed - brush, paper, ink, lettering guide etc
It's definitely not as easy as it seems! As you can see, even drawing letter "O"s are so difficult, hahaha but it was REALLY fun. Matt and I haven't enjoyed ourselves or did something we both enjoy so much together in a long long time.
The classes are all sorted by dates, so if you're looking for a fun and interesting activity to do with your friends or even family / partners, I would really really highly recommend looking through their list of workshops because they are all super unique and interesting. 

We even got to bring home the materials to practice! So the prices paid was very worth it, IMO because the longevity of the fun extends all the way back home. Matt and I have been practicing our strokes on some nights, it has now become our after-dinner activity!
Pardon all the not-up-to-standard lettering >< we literally learnt it for 2.5 hours haha

Thank you for having us, Naiise !

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