Reducing My Fat Intake with Bind & Block Fat

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Being a city girl, we go by our days hustlin' everywhere. Not everyone has the luxury of time and energy to be going for runs and hitting the gym all the time. Take myself for example, I try my best to do short workouts at home whenever I have a short window of time off work, but more often than not, these chances are precious and hard to come by.

We all know how much I love food, it is something that can truly satisfy me and make me happy. But being in the line of fashion and beauty, (and sometimes in the limelight for events) , I have to maintain my figure.
That's the sad truth guys :( And as much as you guys won't believe it, I am often bogged down by my weak-heart when it comes to junk food. I love my bubbleteas, my lattes, my froyo, fries and yes, my BREAD in the morning. All these foods are high in fat and as much as I don't want to be consuming food in such high fat content, my heart tells me that I shouldn't curb my cravings because life is short. 

Well ladies and gentlemen, if you are like me that can't say no to your favorite fatty foods, Borsch Med have re-stocked their newest product - Bind&Block FAT
How this works is as literal as its name - literally, it helps to BIND and BLOCK fats, so as to reduce the amount of fats absorbed in your body. 
With more than 5million packets sold in Japan, and previously all sold out in Singapore, it is now back on the shelves again! 

Bind&Block FAT consists of 3 main ingredients - Chitosan, Psyllium Seed (a kind dietary fibre) and FOS.

So how does it work? As explained in layman terms..

#1 BIND: Chitosan first binds itself with the fat from the consumed food 
#2 BLOCK : This binding action then forms a molecule that prevents it from getting absorbed into the body
#3 EXPELS: This binded molecule is then expelled out of the body naturally as waste.

Bind&Block FAT is not only suitable for greedy humans like myself, it is also perfect for users who have trouble with constipation as the Psyllium seed ingredient inside would help ease constipation when it comes into contact with water in the human stomach.
They come in convenient powdered sachets little this, that is very easy to carry around and is super hygienic because they are all individually packed and sealed for per-consumption use.
And if you're wondering.. it actually tastes very nice! With a little fruity, mango-peach flavours to it.

All you gotta do is consume a sachet 30 mins prior to your high fat meal and let it work its magic!
Do also make sure to drink lots of water because the science is pretty simple. Water helps to work with the dietary fibre to ease bowel movements, so the more the merrier and the more effective this treatment is!

Psyllium Seed also helps you to stay feeling full for longer so you don't have to worry about overeating. I can attest to that because I actually stop at 70% of my meal (which is the recommended food intake by most dieticians) whenever I have a packet of it before my meal. 
And, I don't even feel that hungry and the urge to snack in between meals have also vanished!

While I haven't necessary saw myself dropping pounds on the weighing scale, I did notice a flatter tummy and also, I don't feel "heavy" and bloated after a super oily meal like how my body would normally react.

But of course, everyone will react different to the supplement, so results may differ!
I would also highly recommend keeping a balanced diet and regular exercise as usual because this is just a little shortcut that would come in handy on the upcoming festivals like Christmas, CNY and overseas trips (like my taiwan trip next week ><) . 
So if weight loss is your goal, get moving, eat right and have lots of fun in the meantime with Bind&Block FAT on your cheat days!

You wouldn't want to miss out on this again 
Get Bind&Block FAT in packets of 30 Sachets at only $42 for a limited time only. (U.P$49)

Purchase it conveniently via Borsch Med or at all leading supermarkets , pharmacies and selected departmental stores in Singapore.
Sign up for their online membership to receive $10 rewards with NO MINIMUM SPENDING & enjoy 5% reward$ for purchases !

Hope you guys enjoyed my little secret , have fun! x


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