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Friday, September 02, 2016

I am finally back in this hot and humid little red dot, finally! Feeling undoubtedly a little bittersweet to be back of course. Back to all my skincare and makeup products feels amazing, but that also means back to insane humidity and a whole pile of unfinished work haha.

Thank God for this space and for social media because I now have a reason to recollect these memories. To be honest, if I didn't have all these platforms to share on, I wouldn't even be bothered to take nice photographs. Oh imagine the amount of memories lost!

Anyway I wanted to share three outfits I wore during the summer in London, all from Sassydream.
High tea was at one of the prettiest cafe of all time - Granger & Co. located conveniently at the King's Cross Station. Glass walls with Marbled & gold interiors, cute waiters and incredible food... yum!
I was super happy I chose to wear an outfit that was centred around the nude color palette because it went so well with the sand colored tables and my gold accessories. Comfort is extremely important especially on a hot sunny day, so I love how the top is very very soft and comfortable! You can't really tell from the photos, but it is made of a really quality t-shirt material, just a hella' more trendy one hehe.

On another weekend, matt and I decided to head over to check out the South Kensington and Chelsea area since his London colleagues recommended us those areas when we mentioned we wanted to shoot some photos.
South Kensington and Chelsea are both the affluent areas of London, and it was both surprisingly empty on a sunday, yay, another spot that has little tourists! Once we stepped out of the tube station, we immediately knew why she recommended us to come here  -simply because its different from the other parts of London. Idk how to put it and Idk how different it is exactly, but there's something unique about the people there, the architecture and feel of the place.
Oh, and you'll get to see a lot of rich people cruising around in their sports cars and bentleys LOL, ah.. maybe that is the difference.

I wore this one-of-a-kind Robynn Buckle Dress because it was so comfy and yet posh at the same time. Army green for the warm skin-tone gal like me anytime (Y)


The simplest outfit one can opt for is a top that speaks for itself and a simple pair of bottoms that doesnt compete for attention. This is a fine example of how I managed to put myself together in just 10 mins, in a comfy and flattering get up to head down for some shopping fix.

Never envisioned myself to look good in pink, but being someone that writes about fashion, I knew I had to experiment with my style a little. So i took the plunge and ordered a Faye laced top in the prettiest dusty pink shade.
Surprisingly, it matched pretty ok with my olive tan skin! The shade of pink isn't too barbie, which would look absolutely terrible on me, but instead I would say that this dusty pink shade is pretty similar to a rose hue, carrying a little bit of warmth inside. 

Thank you Shopsassydream for dressing me up and I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to september!

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