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Sunday, August 07, 2016

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I looked into my skincare stash one night and realised how much of a mask junkie I was. I literally own so many different kinds of masks that I use on different days, for different occasions.
So today, i'm gonna do a round up of the masks I love to use and when I would usually reach out for them.

This mask is like a jar of honey, literally. That is how you know, that the product is almost as pure as it can get, when it looks, smells and feels (and even taste hahaha) like honey.

For: This mask is for hydrating the skin, more so for the overall wellness of skin health. 
I use this as and when I want, and it's the kind of mask that I feel you can use everyday or even once in 2 days because it's for the maintenance of the skin.

I love this mask so much that I did an entire post reviewing and raving about it before, you can read it here. This mask is yellow due to the tumeric, and contains little crushed cranberry seeds that provide a little exfoliating action once you rinse it off.
I love how it leaves my skin feeling and looking brighter and more radiant instantly, from the very first use. 

For: This mask is for days when my skin is looking dull and in need of a good cleanse
However, my friends with sensitive skin will have to note that this can be a little too drying for some, so I only use it once a week, or once in 1.5 weeks.

This baby is a super expensive tub of clarifying mask that I received as a christmas gift from matt awhile ago. An effective clarifying mask that draws out the impurities from your skin well and effectively. 

For: This mask is for days when my skin feels clogged and after i've applied too much make up for the week.
However this is very potent and it will strip your skin off of its moisture. So be sure to only use it as a clarifying treatment, or as a spot treatment and only use it on areas that need that extra detox, else, go in with a hydrating mask afterwards to supplement the moisture lost.

I'm not only talking about the Pearl Light one that has been photographed in this post, but in general, all mediheal masks. I love all of them, because they deliver what they claim and I can see effects with every use, which is really amazing, 

For: Depending on what you need, Mediheal has a huge range of masks that you can choose from. 
I especially love sheet masks for travel because they are disposable, one-time use and don't take up much space at all in my luggage.

This mask has a cooling sensation once applied to the skin, and it works wonders. It is high in ingredients that are high in anti-oxidants that reveals softer, smoother skin. The plus point? It smells really amazing and reminds me of "Cheng Tng" hahaha. 

For: Overall wellness of the skin
I use this interchangeably with my the other face masks for the maintaining of the skin, so on weeks I'm less busy, i'll do it more often!

The texture of this is really nothing I've tried before. It's a mousse mask that isn't foamy, but has a buttery-creamy texture. The mask glides over the skin very smoothly and goes on very thick and richly. I thought that this is a good affordable clarifying mask, but it's not as effective as the Glamglow supermud mask, I must say. But for almost 1/10 of the price, I think it's pretty worth the buy.

Clarifying and Detoxing
Same as all clarifying masks, they are usually drying so only use it when necessary! Do load up on the hydrators after using it to make sure that your skin gets enough moisture back :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this little post of mine!

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