Eclipse by Luxemono

Friday, May 06, 2016

Eclipse Clutch by Luxemono ($69.90)
In today's post, i'm sharing about my latest obsession, a good classic clutch that is of the RIGHT size, RIGHT design and the best part, customisable.

In a nutshell, The Eclipse Clutch from Luxemono is made of 100% saffiano leather, has 2 internal compartments and gold accents that are of amazing quality.
I love that the style of it is so minimal, and goes so well with ANY outfit. Simply throw on some gold accessories and you almost cant go wrong with it.
And can someone tell me, how pretty is the black and gold combination? It never gets old.
The clutch is of the perfect size and fits well and comfortably in my hands. But! I can definitely carry a decent amount of things in there, if you're wondering.
On normal days I fit about 2 compacts (blush and powder), 2 brushes (1 travel sized and 1 full sized) , 1 lipstick, my portable charger, cables, phone, keys, notes and cards. 
Sounds cray but you can definitely fit that many things if you place them strategically, heh.
I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and if you're in need of a gift for a special someone, Luxemono provides other goods that can be beautifully customized as well. 
Quality is superb, packaging is SO luxurious and you're bound to keep yourself or your friend very very happy.

Oh yeah, mother's day is coming around in just a few days! Why not get her a personalized leather good to thank her on that special day?
Luxemono also provides free Door to Door delivery so you can ensure that your product reaches you quickly and safely. Yipee!

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