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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Hola! Today's post is something short and sweet, I hope you guys enjoy!
I'm currently in the midst of packing for Melbourne (that is happening tomorrow) *excited* but as usual, looking through my photo album got me distracted and I realised I haven't shared these 2 outfits with you guys yet!

The first one is something really MY STYLE. Chic, effortless and basic with a twist. 
Gone in the past were rompers that only meant a shorts version of a dress. Today, we have rompers in good quality and cuts that really pushes the entire outfit to a whole new level.
This one by Topazette is a self-manufactured one, and I love self-manufactured items because you can tell how much effort and thought has been gone into the design and the making of the piece, now that they have put their name on it.
The #MadebyTPZ Vest Romper is exactly that. I love the incorporation of a vest, with a built in bandeau that ties everything together.
The end result? CHIC and EDGY yet feminine. Major love!
I paired it with my usual minimalistic accessories and my white bag because i'm basic like that. HAHA

Shop #MadebyTPZ Vest Romper here.

The second outfit is slightly more girly, something I wouldn't usually head out in because I've always been a little conscious about my chest area (ahem, they are small but who cares right). But I have recently found certain tops/dresses with some cuttings that would actually accentuate my figure, no matter how tiny I think they are.

Shop #MadebyTPZ D-ring skirt here.

Hope you guys are having a great week! For more goodness, please visit Topazette because they just launched a brand new collection.
Do keep up with me on my other social media platforms when I'm away - especially Instagram and Snapchat (@mongabong) because sometimes I think i'm obsessed with those 2 platforms.

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