Valentines Day Gift Guide for Her

Saturday, February 06, 2016

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Here's a very simple gift guide for all of you guys(and girls) who are looking for gift inspirations for valentines day. Here are the list of things I feel are almost full-proof for every girl out there.

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 ($83)
This is the third of the 3 series of best selling eyeshadow palettes from the NAKED range. Most of the shadows in here belong to the rose gold, pink hue family, so it would be the most apt palette for such a sweet occasion!

2. Coffee Tumbler ($27)
The perfect gift for your girl who loves flatlay/coffee/pinterest and tumblr, because what more does this scream right? I would very much love to drink water or coffee out of this, and i'm sure I'll make full use out of it if I were to receive one for Valentines.
Check out the cute prints too!

3. Alphabet Rings ($45 for 3)
These rings are so cute and minimal, they go well with everything, literally. Although it's a little pricey, you can buy it in a pack of 3 and share it amongst 3 different friends with their initials. Love little gifts like this!

4. Charles and Keith Pouch ($29)
I'm sure my love for Charles and Keith wouldnt come as a surprise to you guys, especially since I own so many bags/shoes and accessories from them. This is a zip pouch that is multi-functional. It can act as a toiletries bag, a make up bag, a fashionable clutch etc. Not forgetting, the incredible quality it comes in, with such an affordable price tag.

5. 1872 Clipper Tea, Tea Scented Candle ($23)
I'm a huge fan of 1872 Clipper Tea candles because they are so presentable as gifts and they smell amazing. This tea scented candle is the most unique of the lot, a tea scented candle in the Singapore Sunrise scent. I light this up everyday in the bathroom before heading for a nice, relaxing shower. The scent of it instantly puts me in a better mood as it fills the room. And hey, we have to support anything Singapore alright!

6. Crystalline Lady Ballpoint Pen from Swarovski ($55)
I feel that this is the perfect gift for someone that stays in the office alot. A gorgeous pen from Swarovski that contains precious crystals in the cutest baby pink color. It's a perfect gift that is both thoughtful and very practical at the same time.

7. Be Joyful Body Wash ($12.90)
Everyone needs body wash in their shower because I believe everyone takes showers.. right?
Bath and Body Works have been my go-to place whenever I need to shop for beautiful gifts for others because they have a HUGE range of flavours for their products. 

8. Sigma Express Brush Cleansing Gloves ($36)
This is exclusively for the girls that use make up brushes on a regular basis. We all know how difficult it is to get products out of our brushes and more often than not we'd have to repeat the cleaning process again and again before all the product can be completely removed from our brushes. 
But with this Sigma Spa Express Cleansing Glove, you can easily swirl your dirty brushes on the different sides indicated on the silicon gloves to effectively remove all traces of product. I love the fact that I don't have to swirl the brushes in my hand anymore because that hurts my skin a ton.

Yay, hope you guys found this useful!
Girlfriends, share this post with your boyfriends if you're eyeing something from the list for Valentines to make their lives easier!


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