Audrey Cafe and Bistro, Bangkok

Monday, February 08, 2016

Audrey, bkk, crepe cake, coffee
audrey cafe bangkok, thonglor, thai milk tea cake, crepe, bistro
audrey cafe bangkok, thonglor, thai milk tea cake, crepe

Kickstarting my Bangkok posts with one of the prettiest cafe i've been to in BKK.
If you're new to this space, Bangkok is one place I have been to countless of times, but still can never get sick of it.

Before I begin recollecting all my memories on that day, I just wanna wish you guys a very happy chinese new year! Hope everyone's new year is off to a great start.

Audrey Cafe and Bistro has been a long-time favorite amongst both locals and Singaporeans alike and I've heard soo much about it before I even went there. People told me that I would love its festive, english design and that their crepe cakes, specifically the Thai Milk Tea flavored one, is a must-try.
I heeded their advice and here I am, writing a full post on it recommending it to you guys, hahah!

The place was just magical. Almost as if unicorns lived there or something. So guys, if you're reading this, pleaseeeee include this as one of the stops because your girlfriend will love you for it.
And for girls, charge up your phones, cameras and be prepared to take lots of selfies!

Bangkok is known for its hot and humid weather like Singapore, so I chose the Orient Secret Dress from Topazette for that day and I'm glad I did. The lace detailing and off shoulder feature makes it so classy and sweet, just like my surroundings that day.

This dress is made of Premium quality and even has anti-slip rubbers at the sides. Talk about beauty and comfort, eh?
Cart out with "Mongtpz" for 10% off if you're interested!

Back to the cake, the Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake indeed lived to its hype and was very well made.
In my opinion, this was on-par with Lady M and it's a really huge feat because I'm a huge fan of Lady M's crepe cakes. 
The Thai Milk Tea drizzle wasn't too sweet nor too rich, although the amount of colouring added to the sauces can be controlled a little better. It felt a little weird eating an orange cake that tastes nothing like orange... hmm.

Audrey is located in a small alleyway in Thonglor district and the easiest way to get here is by a taxi because the walk can be a little too far from the nearest BTS station.
So yes, it's a must-go please!

Audrey Cafe & Bistro
Soi Thong Lor 11
Nearest BTS: Thonglor

Thank you Topazette for dressing me as well, cart out with my exclusive code "mongxtpz" for discounts!

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