Bangkok 2016 Part 1

Friday, February 26, 2016

I've probably been to Bangkok, Thailand over 10 times  now, and each time, I find myself exploring new places, doing new things.. and growing with the beautiful city that i would probably call my second home since I'm so familiar in that land already.

Earlier this year, Matt and I decided on an impromptu trip to the land of smiles and I only had a very short time to have my itinerary planned out. Without having anything in mind, we agreed that we wanted to do something different. Apart from the usual shopping at the same few malls, we dug in further on the places we could go this time.
First thing first, I got in touch with my favourite hotel in the world, klapsons The River Residences, Bangkok. You guys should already know why I call them my favorite, read this post I wrote on them the last time I stayed with them and you will know why.

The big spacious rooms, the impeccable service, the view, the entire experience is nothing but top notch. It's so good that I even recommended a few blogger friends to stay there whenever they visited BKK.
If you followed my trip there, you will know that I did an instagram takeover for one of my favorite brands, Topazette . So all of the outfits you're gonnna be seeing in my BKK travelogue series are from there, do look out for the links to each outfit somewhere in this post if you're interested okay!
Knit Bandage Top & Hole New World Jeggings are both from Topazette and I've got nothing but praises for these two pieces because they are so comfy, I chose them as my go-to flight outfit. 
These jeggings are such a statement, you will surely stand out from the crowd.

Cart out with "mongtpz" for 10% off 
The first night was a pretty hectic one, we checked in, got ready and headed out to Platinum area to get some errands done. It was then I chanced upon the popular Charcoal Ice Cream cart, Demi Concept situated outside Platinum Mall and decided to give it a go.
I paid 75THB for this. And it really is quite bad. LOL
But for the sake of nice photos I took, I shall post them up here and advise you guys to only admire the cute little shop front. You will probably leave feeling quite cheated because 75THB for a cone of watered down milk ice cream with black (or grey) coloring is definitely not worth it at all, in my opinion.
We then headed to a new night market that we haven't been to before, Rot Fai Market , a "train station" market that is filled with lots of food, clothes, little stalls and snacks. There are 2 Rot Fai Markets in Bangkok, and we went to the one nearest to the National Cultural Centre BTS Station.

This is a must go! It is definitely more unknown to tourists compared to the rest, so you'll definitely be able to find less rip-offs there. It is sectioned into a few large areas, and my favorite was the food one because there were SO MANY STALLS and we literally ate till we dropped. 
This is the famous crab meat noodle that you wont miss because the queue is SUPER long and stretches over 3 stalls or something. 
Find cakes, crepe, coconut desserts and all there at super affordable prices! Each slice was only 30 THB and we couldn't resist it because they're so pretty la. Hahaha

Rot Fai Market Ratchada 
1700 - 2400 Hrs , Thu to Sunday
Ratcadaphisek Rd (close to esplanade shopping mall)
BTS: National Cultural Centre

We only decided to stay in Bangkok for 2 days as we decided to spend the rest of the 2 days exploring out of Bangkok to Cha Am instead. 
The second day of bangkok was spent cafe hopping and just roaming around doing nothing because to be honest, I am not that big of a fan of shopping in Bangkok anymore. Haha
I wore a sleek, premium vest romper which can also be found on Topazette, and paired it with a super roomy sling number from Charles and Keith.
We boarded the private yatch provided by klapsons to catch a BTS ride at Saphan Taksin just opposite across the Chao Phraya river.

We arrived at Thong Lor thinking we would be able to have a good meal at Roast, but didn't know that they shifted from the old location to just 2 streets down. So we settled for a relatively crowded ramen restaurant along the way and it wasn't that bad a choice afterall.
The restaurant is called Misoya Ramen, they serve really good and generous portions of ramen (just that it was a tad too salty, so ask for some broth to dilute the broth a little) with really good aburi-ed pork!
Misoya Bangkok
Sukhumvit55, thonglor 13
Bangkok Thailand 10110

Apart from shopping and eating, I was also super dependent on social media to find out the good places to explore. I wouldn't have survived if it wasn't for my Pocket Wifi device that I rented from the Changi Recommends counter at the airport.
This little device provided fast wifi, and could connect up to 8 devices all at once. 
On top of that, the team even lovingly prepared a portable charger that was already fully charged so that I can keep the device alive for a super long time in case the battery ran out.
So thank you, Changi Recommends for being my go-to provider for all of my trips to Bangkok, Hong Kong and Perth so far!

We then roamed about, visited the Audrey Cafe which I previously reviewed here and decided to head to Healthland in Asoke for a massage but then left after stepping foot into the premises because we were told that the wait was 2 hours. WHAT. 2 hours!
So yes, anyway it's nothing great and it was also much more expensive than the rest so we didn't bother.
 Guess Matt and I are the only ones who'd have to rack our brains to think of our next activity in Bkk lol. We very much wanted to head back to our cosy room at klapsons but didn't want to waste the day away sleeping so we decided to have some "me" or rather "us" time and headed to klapsons gym.
In my new Vivre Active Gear hehe
With that, we ended day 2. 
Okay la didn't end that way I was kidding, i'm just too lazy to include photos of our dinner that night because they are lost somewhere in my sea of memory cards LOL. 

So yes, day 3 onwards was Cha Am so stay tuned!


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  1. It is pleasured to hear that Thailand could be your second home,although Thailand have both good and bad sides but approximately your 10 times trip I think I don't worry about you and your boyfriend anywhere here,Thank you again for feeling good about Thai.Bye.