New Year's Eve 2015

Saturday, January 09, 2016

We had our annual New Year's Dinner celebration at Luke's Oyster Bar this year, and it was my first time there. We made reservations on the 30th night in order to avoid the skyhigh prices and special restaurant menus catered specially for the count-down crowd.

Just the 2 of us, we headed to the branch at Heeren and ordered 3 items on the menu - our mains included the Luke's Lobster Pot Pie ($115) and Luke's Blue Label Burger ($32)
The pictures you see above are halved portions because we requested for them to spilt them both into halves so we could enjoy both mains together without the mess.
The Lobster Pot Pie was expensive, but pretty good. Lobster meat was generously served in a lobster bisque, served with Puff pastry, that was however too oily for my liking. 

The Blue Label Burger on the other hand, was pretty affordable and really good! The thick, juicy and mouth-watering beef patty was the star that night.
I'll come here for burgers next time.
The bill came up to over $200+ for 2 people that night. 

We don't eat oysters, but judging from every table that night, I'm guessing their oysters are pretty good too haha. let me know if you guys happen to try them!

Have a wonderful New Year my lovely readers! How did you enjoy your countdown?
Just like that, another year has passed... I'm starting to freak out at how time is passing. It needs to slow down.
Nevertheless, 2015 was a good good year, and you can read about my New Year's resolutions here if you haven't!

Luke's Oyster Bar
260 Orchard Road, The Heeren
Level 3, Robinsons
Singapore 238855


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