Fix your Broken Make Up under $5

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello guys, just a really really short tutorial for all you klutz, myself included.
We can be klutz bestfriends LOL.
Anyway if you're like me, forever dropping, smashing and spoiling things, here's a hack I found out to be super useful and have saved me so much money!
I now don't have to purchase the product all over again, because my favorite highlighter is $40 and took me monthsss to find it. I just had to smash it, i know right.

Either way, this is a super quick, affordable and effective hack I hope you guys enjoy!
Here are the things you need:
- Cracked Make Up
- Cotton Buds
- A sharp edged tool that can allow you to break the product up (a spoon even!)
- Rubbing alcohol
I got my rubbing alcohol along the pharmacy section in the larger Watsons stores in Singapore.
For $4.90 (or was it $5.90) I got a big bottle that can probably fix 10 more broken make up palettes LOL. Talk about being cost-efficient.

You can thank me later, wahahha.


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