Thoughtpost: Social Media vs Reality

Saturday, October 03, 2015

(Imported from Dayre)Chanced upon this video on FB last night and I must say, the Thais are really really good with their ads .Most of you have probably watched this video by now since it is so viral and many ppl have shared it. But if you brushed it off and let it scroll past your news feed, hurry go watch it again and you won't be disappointed! But seriously though, this video got me up last night thinking and reflecting on how I have been viewing life. 
Basically the video talks about this girl that is super popular on social media, has half a million followers on Instagram and she's always painted a perfect picture of herself on the net by editing her photos, 美图秀秀-ing her features and her skin to achieve the "beautiful" she desired. She liked the idea of having thousands and thousands of likes on Instagram and the many comments complimenting her on her angel-liked looks. But beneath all of that, she, like many of us are imperfect.Fearing that reality was too different from what she portrays on social media, she couldn't stand seeing her real face and lived her life behind a mask. 
The rest of the story.. You guys just go watch la haha I don't wanna spoil it for you.

It is such a strong and important message to all of us, to not lose our heads in all that perceived glitz and glamour we see on social media. The number of likes and followers are not all that important and they shouldn't be the determining factors to how we value our self-worth. Haha so... Now you see all the bloggers with nice and glowy skin.. don't be deceived HAHA! no la im just kidding. We don't have perfect skin but I must say some bloggers really do look exactly the same as they do in real life and in photos. But also.. There are a lot of them that don't 🙊

So the message is: don't take whatever you see on social media as everything you know about someone. More often than not you wouldn't know the struggles that person is going through as well. Everyone has their ups and downs and as much as we all like to see pretty girls that lead perfect lives, we also have to understand that whatever they choose to portray may be a false representation of what kind of lives they truly lead.
Re-posting this over here because I thought it would serve as a reminder to myself, and also to all of my lovely readers here that don't have the habit of reading Dayre!
Love, Mong

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