Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Accessories are my best friend(s), considering how in love I am with my basics. I think you can hardly find me in prints at any point in time! 
I've been very into minimalist accessories lately. Stacking them up and layering pieces together can be pretty therapeutic at times and it's amazing how I can create different looks by pairing different stackable pieces together.

Introducing Ultrachrome, a local brand that curates hand-made customizable accessories for the ones who are after creative and unique pieces. 

The HARDWARE collection caught my eyes immediately because, who else thought about using metal pieces and little nuts and bolts to create something so beautiful?

I opted for the Hex Nut Key Chain in Black and Gold  because I knew how it would complement my 100001 black and gold items so well.
Add a little personal touch with a little hand-stamped customization. Fits up to 2 characters.

From the same Hardware Collection, I picked out another 2 pieces - The Hand Stamped Bar Necklace  and The Hex Nut Bracelet in White and Gold.
These would make such nice little gifts, especially to your special other half. I opted for my Necklace to be stamped with "M&M" and Matt and my anniversary date in Roman numbers because well, it is a day I want to remember for the rest of my life.
I also like it that these accessories are pretty unisex and could work well on a guy as well. Couple accessories? How cute!

The Hex Nut Bracelet looks a little strong on its own, so i decided to stack it up with something that wouldn't compete for attention. The Howlite collection basically sums it all, everything in that collection is so simple, light and basic.

Keeping to the same color theme, the Angelic Bracelet in White & Gold offers a slightly different dimension that sets it apart from the Hex Nuts. Marble, yes marble!
I am in love with how Ultrachrome 's pieces are so original and creative. And for all you nature lovers, you guys might be intriged by their newest collection - Organic as well!
Just tell me how cool is that.

Quote "mongabong" for 10% off all orders

Photography by Matthias


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  1. Wow, all those necklaces look so cool. I like how they're simple but still unique and cute! Definitely going to have to take a look at their site!

  2. love the knit top and the knit cardigan! where are they from?!

    1. Top: www.ruby-rouge.com
      Cardigan: www.shopwildpeonies.com (quote mong10% for 10% off)