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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If you know me, you'll know that I like to stick to my greys, whites and solid simple colours. Same goes for my bags! When it comes to bags, I have a bad habit of lugging a lot of things with me and having a sturdy bag that is both stylish and versatile is a must for me.
Haute Urban Style carries a huge range of bags and shoes, and here's my review after using their services. I got myself 2 bags and a pair of sandals that I'm definitely in love with.

A huge tote that allows you to throw anything and everything in there is almost a necessity for me. But if you're afraid that your keys or phone will get lost in this huge space, don't worry because there is a detachable small clutch in there that allows you to compartmentalise effectively.
This clutch is always seen in my pictures as well, as you can see - this a 2-in-1!
Get this tote, here

These are so comfy I can run in them all day, almost forgetting that I'm actually in heels
So yay, added height, longer legs, but minus the ache because this actually has cushioned in soles.
This is also available in black, which you can get here.

Last but not least, this is an item you would have seen very frequently as well because I am just plain obsessed with the convenience it brings.
It is small, but able to fit A4 well. Coupled with many functional zips and side pockets, this has surprisingly served me well even after I bring it around all the time, carrying books, cameras, and lots of heavy stuff.
On top of that, this is one item that you can wear to instantly add a more youthful, korean touch to your outfit. I'm definitely not complaining!
Here are some other outfit inspirations with this bagpack
Here are 3 totally different looks I styled with my items from Haute Urban Style !
Unlike many spree sites, Haute Urban is probably one of the longest standing, most reliable and also the one with the craziest range you can find.

Picking up this backpack alone took me a good 10 minutes, because there are SOOO many other leather bag packs that are so gorgeous as well. 
If you've always had a misconception and bad experiences with spree sites like I did, you will know that more often than not, the items sent to you are of inferior quality, and worse still, the item looks entirely different from the ones you see online. With HauteUrbanStyle, this is not a problem and I'm blown away by the quality of the items considering they are actually from a pre-order site.

I'm happy!


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  1. Hi Mong! I love your shoes in the last set of pics! Where are they from? :)