Sunday, May 03, 2015

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Over last week, Matt and I got the chance to head down to ZARA to view their latest spring collections and we were given the opportunity to pick a few outfits (from head to toe) for each other.
It's been awhile since I told myself to abstain from ZARA because we all know how crazyyy we can go in there, but I'm really surprised to find a much wider range of apparels these days!

More importantly, I found out that ZARA actually has a huge range of clothes that caters to the younger crowd!
We chose a ton of items from the ZARA Trafaluc line because it offers pocket-friendly, young and really trendy styles ~ Here's how we managed to create 3 different outfits (for me) and 2 outfits (for him) at less than SGD$250 each
Picking out Matt's shirts
I'm also pleasantly surprised to find a good range of men's footwear! Ranging from dressy to casual, to loafers and boat shoes that are all super in trend right now. 
Read on if you wanna see how the outfits I picked for Matt looked on him!

It was then matt's turn to pick out my outfits.. It was honestly so tough for him theZARA at 313@Somerset had 3 storeys, all carrying ladies apparels! I felt so bad for him and I was really tempted to take over the shopping myself (I would gladly, anytime) but at the same time I was really curious about the kind of outfits he'd create for me.
The first outfit I picked for him was a pretty conservative one, all revolving around his favourite color - Blue
For a casual day out, this outfit is fuss-free and simple. I love Matt in ZARA's shirts because they fit him so well and what caught my eyes were the tiny leaves details on the shirt. 

Leaves Printed Shirt - $69.90
Embossed Leather Belt - $55.90
Slim Fit Denim Jeans - $59.90
Total outfit: $185.70

Get this look with just 3 simple wardrobe staples that can be mixed and matched around to create different looks. More importantly, this look is affordable and trendy at the same time!
At ZARA, quality is paramount - so you can be sure that these pieces will last a long time with proper care.

To bring the look to the next level, top it off with a pair of brown loafers like the Leather Driving Shoes ($139), and a good fitted blazer ($159). 
Can you guys tell that Matt looked super happy in this outfit? HAHA pats on my back for knowing him well!!

Here's another outfit I picked for Matt, this time something a little out of his comfort zone. He's not a fan of dark colored shirts with prints, and neither does he own any light colored outerwear. 
I was determined to change his mind about them!
True enough, his perception of light colored blazers and printed dark colored shirts have changed after today, haha!
This outfit is more for the formal days when you need to dress up and look presentable. Why not stand out from the usual black/navy suits right? 
Wheat/cream colored suits are unique and they also bring an extra tinge of classy-ness to it.
If you're up for it, match your shirt with your socks just like how Matt did!

The shirt comes in subtle dog prints that are seen as polkadots from far! I also really liked that the sleeves are blue on the underside so a different look is created when you fold it up. 
Matt doesn't have that many patterned shirts, so I think this is a fun and unique addition!

Wear it without the blazer and there you go, a dressed-down version that still looks amazing.

Mini Dogs Printed Shirt: $59.90
Wheat Textured Blazer: $219
Now it's my turn to reveal the first outfit Matt picked for me : ALSO IN THE SHADE OF BLUE!
My first outfit was a super comfortable get up, perfect for the lazy weekends or even dress down Fridays in the office. I think styles like these are timeless. Wear them through summer, spring, fall .. the old, the young.. 

I'm wearing:
Striped Blouse with Tie Sleeves -$59.90
Chain and Pearl Necklace - $39.90
Double Fabric Press-Stud Trousers - $59.90
Block Heel Ankle-Strap Sandals - $79.90
Total outfit: $239.60

The second outfit Matt picked out for me was also something right up my alley:
I mean come on! Haha I'm surprised he picked that out for me because I would imagine guys to not understand how the different direction/thickness and positions of stripes can change someone's figure.
But I'm so glad he did! When I first put this dress on, I knew I had to get it. 
The horizontal lines at the chest area gives an illusion of a fuller chest, the diagonal lines provide a slimming effect, while the straight vertical lines makes me look much taller and my legs much longer!

Striped Dress - $59.90 
Tassel Bucket Bag - $59.90
Block Heel Ankle-Strap Sandals - $79.90
Total Outfit: $199.70

The last outfit Matt chose for me was something totally different from the 2 looks above, I guess we really wanted to challenge each other this time around. HAHA! I know I've said this far too many times, but ZARA really brings in quality pieces that are designed so well. Plus, all these styles are created with the huge selection the store offers!
The last outfit revolved around the 2 main colors - black and white.
I love my basics, and this literally screams ME. I especially LOVE the fit of the leather outerwear and the edge it brings to it. It has the right amount of bling and is super comfortable and made of amazing quality.
The mules also gave me neverending legs because of the way the pair is constructed. Remember, anything that shows off your ankles instantly adds a few inches to the illusion of your legs!

Square Cut T-shirt - $19.90
High Heeled Mules - $69.90
High Waisted Jeggings - $45.90
Faux Leather Biker Jacket - $109
Total Outfit: $244.70

As you can see, ZARA offers a TON of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories etc ranging from clothes that are suitable for the working crowd, powerful women, the casual girls and young adults like myself. Not forgetting, a huge range for menswear too!
Price range also varies as seen in the looks we've created above. I'm sure there's something for everyone at ZARA !

Matt and I had so much fun creating these looks for each other. We hope you like them as much as we do! I'm still surprised at how Matt managed to pick out so many nice things for me and how he put them all together haha! Thank you ZARA for showering us with so much love, I'm officially addicted to you <3
All you ZARA fans will be thrilled to know that ZARA is expanding !!
I will be attending the store re-opening of ZARA at ION Orchard on the 7th May 2015

I hope to see some of you there! Do drop by to say hi if you're near the area :> 

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