Sweet Wonders with Natsukashe

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Natsukashe , a label that shouldn't be too foreign in this space because this is the second time I am working with them!
Like I mentioned in the first blog post I did to introduce to you guys to their brand, their clothes are nothing like I've seen in other online stores. Their tagline "Vintage styles with a modern twist" depicts their site extremely well. On point, if I must.

This time, I'm super proud to be sharing with you guys a few manufactured pieces created by Natsukashe themselves!
I picked out 3 items from their newest collection for myself, all in super sweet pastel candy colors!
Looking at them just makes me so happy already.

Such candy and bright colours that are so wearable at the same time! 
Wear this entire ensemble for work, a shorter pair of heels if your work place doesn't allow the length of the skirt to be just slightly above your knees. If it's a good gauge, I'm 1.63m tall!

The Serendipity dress, like it is named, is so graceful and elegant. Made with quality neoprene material, this dress comes in the cutest mint and white shades as well. For a tinge of sweetness, a keyhole detail at the back is included. But don't worry, normal bra can be worn for this !

To win yourself a $30 e-voucher from Natsukashe, YES $30! 
Simply head over to Natsukashe's Facebook Page  Like, and SHARE their Sweet Wonders collection.
Comment "Love this!!!" on the album and 2 lucky winners will walk away with the attractive e-vouchers!
Winners will be announced on 10th May 2015, 8PM.

Alternatively, you can quote "MONG&NAT10" for 10% off your purchases. Valid till 31st May 2015.

All photos by my lovely boyfriend, Matthias.

Goodluck for the giveaway and for more information, check out Natsukashe's pages:


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  1. pretty! love your blue skirt :)