Family time with Reunion Steamboat

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Last Thursday was the last official day of school (technically, lessons because i've still got exams) so my family decided to have a get-together to celebrate. To be honest, I have been so caught up with work that I haven't gone back for dinner in a long long while, and i'm sure many Singaporean students can understand that. 
There's simply too much to do, too little time!

That brings me to my next point, wouldn't it be great if we could feast without having to prepare all the ingredients by ourselves? 
CNY just went pass a few months ago and i'm sure we all know how much time our moms put into preparing the steamboat for the days and days of reunion dinners. The broth alone would take at least 3-4 hours! Not forgetting the time spent doing all the marketing in the supermarkets, squeezing with the crowd. 

If you're someone like me that values convenience and quality, then Reunion Steamboat Delivery is for you!

Reunion Steamboat Delivery is the first home delivery service and gourmet grocer to provide a wide array of high quality, restaurant-grade slices meats, seafood, vegetables, beverages etc at affordable prices for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.  

True enough, all I had to do was place my order online and arranged for a time for them to be delivered over.
Since there were 6 of us, I ordered the Premium Seafood Package 6 - 8 Pax ($218) and the owners were kind enough to throw in some more of their best selling items - The US Wagyu Short Ribs Shabu & The stuffed mushrooms that are both available on their ala carte menu.
The package works out to be around $28 per pax, but if you look at the ingredients provided, you will know that it is pretty worth it.

The Seafood Package includes:
4 litres Konbu Dashi Soup

300g Fresh Norwegian Salmon Slice
300g Fresh Grouper Slice
300g Fresh Prawns
150g Large Scallops
150g Fried Fish Maw
150g Fried Fish Skin
200g Alaskan Snow Crab Leg
300g Green Mussels Half Shell
1 Can Premium Abalone in Brine (10pcs)

250g US Kurobuta Pork Collar

1 set Vegetable Platter
1 set Mushroom Platter

2 packs Japanese Harusame glass noodles

1 box Silken Tofu
1 packet Fried Bean Curd Skin

1 Pack Reunion Basic Sauce Pack

Reunion also provides all the necessary accessories for you to have the ultimate hot pot experience! You can even purchase soup ladles and even a portable gas stove if you're too lazy to get one on your own.

Here's the Konbu Dashi Soup, which we conveniently heated up, super easy!
Time to dig in!
The US Wagyu Short Rib Shabu is DA BOMB. The quality of it is amazing and to be honest, it was my first time having wagyu during a hotpot and i think it was life-changing. The marble-ing was seamless on these slices and they were almost melt-in-your-mouth kinda good (Y)
Apart from the Wagyu, my favorite would have to be the pork collar, alaskan snow crab legs, salmon, groupa and scallops! All of them are incredibly fresh and cut in the  perfect size for the hotpot. 
You know how, if meats are cut into too chunks that are too big would take a little too long to be cooked through and it will result in the meat being overcooked on the outside? Similarly for meats that are cut into too small pieces, it wouldn't be the real deal if you're not taking big hearty bites off it.

Reunion has already pre-cut and pre-packed everything to ensure freshness and convenience, and I'm super happy they did because I can never get the perfect size if I were to prepare these ingredients on my own.

A big thank you to Reunion for feeding my family and myself, we definitely enjoyed the lovely mini reunion that was well-needed

Visit Reunion at :
Call them at: +65 6243 7243

Reunion Steamboat is located at:
57 Jalan Tua Kong (Siglap)
Singapore 457253


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