DRx Essential Facial Plus Review

Monday, April 06, 2015

Hola!! I'm sure many of you have already heard about my first facial with DRx over on my Dayre. I just can't get enough of it!
I did the DRx Essential Facial Plus, here's my in-depth review of it. Enjoy!

I was brought into a super clean and comfortable room with lots of comfortable blankets and I especially loved the spacious room and sparkly white walls & cabinets :)
DRx , DRx facial, DRx essential facial plus
Of course, I remembered to take a before shot so that you guys can see the difference for yourself!
DRx , DRx facial, DRx essential facial plus
I'm fortunate enough to not face too many problems with my skin, but of course, a little pampering session sometimes won't hurt, right? Besides, it clears away all the gunk in my pores, and gives it more life again.
I would be kidding if I say I didn't feel any difference after 1 hour. Even though my skin didn't need THATTTT much saving, i could already feel that my skin condition increased by a ton!
Makes me wonder how much results people with problem skin will see hehe. I know that I'm always in good hands over here at DRx. 

Starting with the treatment, Step 1 involved removing the make up on my face & then microdermabration
DRx , DRx facial, DRx essential facial plus

I didn't take much photos after that because everyone got really busy during that time & no one was free to help me snap! (that means, hurry book your appointments now!)

The steps that followed involved:
- Extraction
- Ultrasonic Nutrient Delivery
- Therapeutic mask

Here's a bare faced me with water-like translucent looking skin. AH I LOVE IT!
Of course, you'd experience a little redness on your skin due to the extraction but they will go away in no time. Plus! they can always be covered with make up :)

I seldom post pictures of my bare face online because I was never satisfied with how my skin looked. That said, I'm super super grateful for DRx to take care of my skin because I can now confidently post photos of my bare skin, even if it meant posting photos this close up

After the Essential Facial Plus Facial, I had to head down to a shoot so I needed to put some make up on my skin. On me I drew brows, a little bit of concealer and some eyeliner.
Woohoo ~~~ 
DRx , DRx facial, DRx essential facial plus
The facial left my skin feeling so soft, supple , elastic, bright and hydrated.
Can't wait for my next one already!

Good news is, first-time customers can now try the DRx Essential Facial Plus at 40% off!
Quote "Mongchin New EF Plus 40% Off" 
1st time trial only.
Valid from 1 April 2015 to 31 May 2015

The DRx Medispa
302 Orchard Rd, 14th & 16th Floor
Singapore 238862

Tel: 67331555


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