Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hello all!!
I'm sure most of you have already known the good news, but i'm checking in here to update you guys on my SKIN
I've started to take better care of my skin recently because I noticed that my skin has been changing (for the worse) as I age. Things like going sun tanning, running about under the sun without applying sunblock etc are thankfully, things of the past.

Luckily for me, I got introduced to DRx and went for my first consultation a few days ago.
I love that the DRx clinics are all located so conveniently in town, right in the heart of Orchard Rd.
For those that don't know, DRx is actually the short-form of "Derma- Rx", silly me actually thought they were named literally "doctor X" lol! *insert X men joke*

For the first session with DRx, I got introduced to my friendly doctor, Dr Tsu Boon Hsiung
Dr Tsu is a highly qualified and experience aesthetic doctor and he made the entire experience so enjoyable. 
During the first consultation, Dr Tsu examined my skin and said that my skin had a few problem areas but they were nothing too difficult to handle.
My problems are nothing new to me, (or you guys too) since I talk about it all the time, haha!

I basically have:
- Dry skin at selected areas
- Eczema spots on my face and neck
- Pigmentation (Freckles) along the bridge of my nose

Other than that, I requested for my skin to be more even, brighter and more radiant. HEHE
Who doesn't want bright, light and healthy looking skin right??
I mean my skin is pretty okayyy but it looks a little dull sometimes, especially when I don't sleep or eat well, so looking forward to seeing how my skin is gonna improve!

I then went into the photo analysis room to have my pictures taken, it is basically a room for patients of the clinic to have their "BEFORE" photos taken so that they can track the progress of their treatments
Don't laugh at the unglam face LOL.
Dr Tsu then prescribed me a range of products from DRx for me to bring home, based on what my skin needs.

What I really liked about my first experience with the clinic was that they actually have staffs to bring me into a room to teach me how to use each product, she even demonstrated the ways I should apply to my face, and gave me a little booklet of all the little notes she scribbled down so that I don't forget the steps when I get home. 
Here's what was prescribed to me, left to right:
- Chira Wash
- Toner
- Max-C 
- Rejuvenator
- A small bottle to help with my eczema condition
- Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+ 

I've been religiously using these products day and night for the past few days and though I'm not expecting my skin to improve drastically within such a short period of time, I'm thoroughly enjoying these products!

Here's my mini- honest review of some of my favourite products so far:

1. Chira Wash : 
This facial cleanser is specially formulated for sensitive skin like mine, it contains Glycerin, that adds moisture to the skin and leaves it feeling silky and rejuvenated after every wash. I love how it leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth after every wash, plus it is really gentle!

2. Max-C :
 This serum works like a Vitamin C for your skin! I'll apply this after toner and before my moisturiser (the Rejuvenator), and i'm so so surprised at how lightweight this is! 
It absorbs immediately into my skin, and no.. it's not because this product contains lots of alcohol or anything, but it is so finely made that my skin just absorbs it instantly!
A potent anti-oxidant formula based product that claims to help with signs of ageing.

3. Rejuvenator: 
I was prescribed the DRx Rejuvenator and instructed to use it like a moisturiser and even as an eye cream. I love this because this cream is SO LIGHTWEIGHT once again, and it absorbs almost immediately into my skin as well. No sticky residue or greasy feeling afterwards.
Plus i'm so excited to see the full effects of this because it contains ingredients that help build collagen, prevents signs of ageing and moisturises!

4. Liposomal Sunscreen SPF 30+
I can't make up my mind if the Max C or the Liposomal Sunscreen is my favorite so far.. all i can say is that they're both a close fight because they are entirely different products. I can't possibly compare an apple to an orange right?:)

I used to hate putting on sunscreen because they leave me feeling like a grease ball in just 1 hour! My make up slides everywhere and in no time, I just look like I can fry char kway teow on my face. LOL!
I decided to give the Lipsomal Sunscreen a go, and so far i'm really loving it! 
It doesn't leave me oily, and it absorbs seamlessly into my skin after 10 mins :)

So far i'm really enjoying my products from DRx, I can't wait to update you guys more on my journey, so stay tuned!

The DRx Clinic is located at:
302 Orchard Road, #16-01 Tong Building,Singapore 238862 
☎ : +65 6733 1555

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  1. Hi Mongchin, how has the rejuvenator been for your eyes? Does it cause milia? I'm afraid it would be too rich for the eyes