Saturday, November 29, 2014

ALL IS VANITY like what its name suggest, is all about being beautiful, vain and girly!
A one-stop for anything you need in your wardrobe, I like that idea, do you?

Here are the 3 outfits I paired from All Is Vanity
I mean, how cute is this outfit?
I've never owned any blue pants before, actually I realised I don't have many bottoms in bright happy colours because I was always afraid that it would be too loud and I wouldn't be able to pull off such a look.
But All Is Vanity has proven me wrong with this outfit! 
The pop of blue just makes everything seem so happy and cheery :) 
The Olympia embellished top is also really versatile and classy, I can imagine pairing it with a black pencil skirt and off I go to work/presentations. Not to mention, quality is always a plus point too!

For the second look, I decided to go for something a little more girly and fun!
Once again, I find myself gravitating toward bright colours during this dull season. It has been raining almost every day and days have been getting much shorter as winter approaches.
Love that it comes with a little tassel belt to synch around the waist for a slimmer silhouette too :) 

Who can fault you for pairing black on black? Thats the simplest and easiest colour combination because you just cant go wrong with it.
Featuring 2 separate pieces, Robyn and Ziggy, I paired these 2 together for a clashing black with gold accent look. Something different eh? :) I know i've been stepping out of my comfort zone quite a bit with all the outfits today.
But hey, a little change and experiment isn't a bad thing, right?:) 
You can wear Robyn both ways, front or back for 2 different looks, plunging neckline or plunging back, it's up to you~

That said, I've been experimenting with different make up looks lately, so stay tuned to a new K-inspired Make Up tutorial coming you way soon!

Okay back to the point, here are the 3 looks I styled with All Is Vanity, I hope you guys liked it :)
One thing I love about this online shop is that every piece is flown in from overseas, and Joo (the owner) handpicks every single design from all around the world.
Also, if you are not a fan of wearing mass manufactured clothes, you can be rest assured that at ALL IS VANITY, every design comes in extremely limited quantity. 
So you don't have to wear the same clothes as a gazillion people too, how amazing is that!

Quote "mong5off" for 5% off

For more vanity needs, visit:

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