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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In today's post I'm going to be addressing one of the most highly asked topics of all time: All about my contact lenses ~
As some of you know (& many others don't), I have been wearing contact lenses during my photoshoots in Singapore and also on some days whenever I feel like having bigger, brighter looking eyes.

I have naturally small asian eyes, they are so small and narrow that wearing Geo Lenses or any other enlarging circle lenses make me look like a bug.
Im not even kidding! So yes, to all small eye-d girls out there, I feel you. 
Also, I'm all about natural looking lenses, the more you can get away with wearing lenses, the better it is.
How nice is it to have people think that you were actually born with such nice, bright and round eyes? >< Although my eyes are not perfect (even with these lenses), they are significantly brighter and more defined for sure.

A few months ago, The Optometry Practice reached out to me and we agreed to let me review 3 pairs of lenses for 1-month. Read on for my verdict and honest reviews!
So here's the first pair:
(P.S Pardon the grainy photographs, they are taken with my shitty iPhone front cam, boo)
Credits: Google
Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1 Day (30Pcs/Box) in Winsome Brown
Convenience: 10/10

Since they are dailies, they are so easy to use and convenient. Simply pop them in, in the day and throw them away when I'm done with it.

Natural looking: 9/10
 The design of the lenses are more realistic, and looks more like a normal human eye with all that lines surrounding the iris. Happy to say that nobody noticed this pair while I was wearing them!

Comfort: 10/10
Since these are dailies, the moisture content of each lens is higher. So yay, happy eyes!

Credits: Google
Convenience: 10/10
They are dailies, so yep!

Natural looking: 7/10
 This pair features a coloured ring that defines the iris by heaps. So instead of the naturally less defined ring, this pair makes it look so round and crisp. But that said, the natural colour of your eyes remain somewhat the same so this is still pretty natural looking.

Comfort: 10/10
Convenience: 7/10
These are monthly lenses, so you still have to go through the usual removal, washing, storing etc.

Natural looking: 8/10
If you're looking for a pair of lenses that don't enlarge your eyes too much, but aim to change the colour of your eyes, this is the pair for you!

Comfort: 8/10
The Optometry Practice (TOP) is an optical shop based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia that offers Authentic Contact Lenses at great prices!
All the lenses listed above are definitely authentic and I'm sure they are brands you have heard before, so don't worry, they are not the usual dodgy ones you see online. 

Also, they are offered at much LOWER prices at The Optometry Practice
So who says you have to go down physically to get your contact lenses? You can now do so by ordering online.
TOP not only offers coloured/fashionable contact lenses, they also offer a HUGE range of normal contact lenses too from so many brands!

Quote "MONG10" for 10% off your contact lenses

Hope you guys found my review helpful :>

The Optometry Practice:

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