Review + Swatches : Style Nanda's 3 Concept Eyes Cosmetics, Now available in SINGAPORE!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

As Promised, here's my review on the very famous Korean cosmetic brand 3 CONCEPT EYES.
For those who don't know, 3 Concept Eyes cosmetics, 3CE in short is a fairly new makeup line by STYLENANDA, one of Korea's most popular online stores.

I've heard many many great things about the 3CE make up line and i've always wanted to try them out myself.
But one thing that stopped me from getting it is the CRAZY cost i had to pay for shipping if i bought it off the Stylenanda website.
Most of my friends got their 3CE products on their trip to Korea and told me that it was MUCH cheaper there in Korea compared to ordering it off the site in Singapore.

Thank fully, Miyoc has now bridged the gap for us by bringing 3 Concept Eyes Cosmetics to Singapore!!! WOOHOO!
I know there are many other sites that hold sprees and claim to be selling 3CE products available in Singapore as well, but trust me. Most of them are fake!

I'm a victim myself and I accepted sponsorships from this seller selling '3CE Products' 
Because I hadnt done much research on their products at that time, I just chose a few lipsticks off her site and they sent them to me.
The lipsticks were so sheer and their packaging looked really different from the ones my friends had.
It was Black, thick and round (similar to the packaging of Revlon lipsticks). It sparked off my curiosity and I went over to the official Stylenanda website to look through their product list.
To my horror I saw Nothing that looked like the few I was sent.

Funny thing was, the lipsticks only had numbers to them, and no name!
Silly me. Why didnt I think that it might be fake when I browsed through that fake website??! ahhaha but yes... the whole point is:


So till the day Miyoc sent me the real 3CE products, ive never tried anything from them before, which makes it a good thing because i've got no expectations!
Allows me to review with my utmost honesty and no biasness. I promise! (even though these products were fully sponsored, I will not hesitate to tell you guys the true feelings I felt after I used them for a week)

Here are the goodies Miyoc sent me from 3CE:

Magic Touch Face Maker #Beige

I chose this face maker because as you all know, i'm a bronzer junkie!
I love bronzers and have been incorporating bronzers into my everyday make up routine since 4 years ago. 
I use matte bronzers mainly to contour my face and to make it more dimensional.

The 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker #Beige was WAY TOO TOO SHEER the first time I swatched it. 
As you can see from the picture above, the brown part barely showed up. The highlighter on the other hand was very pigmented and super pretty.
I was a little disappointed at first because i've always used VERY pigmented bronzers and contour powders all my life. But i still gave it a lot of chances and brought it out with me in my make up bag.

Surprisingly, it is SO NATURAL.
Yes its sheer, but if you're using it to give yourself a very natural contour, this is the absolute right product for you!
I don't even have to worry about harsh lines anymore with this product!
This has replaced my NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer if anyone is wondering, I can't live without it now!

Rate: 4/5

I've learnt that not all products that are pigmented are considered "good" make up products.
To me, what is classified as a "good" product is one that is easy to use, and gives me exactly what I want in a fuss-free manner.


Really in love with Coral-Peachy blushes because I think everyone looks good in them.
I think out of all of my blushes, 80% are in the coral-peach family. This time, its no exception!

All that Peach is a little more Orange than the rest of my blushes, and similarly, its INCREDIBLY SHEER!
But once again this blush has grown on my over the past week and ive been using it everyday.
One good thing is that its so sheer that it makes you look like youve got nothing on. I seriously looked like i was borned with such nice cheeks!
And the best part, no mirrors involved ;)

The packaging is GREAT and i love my blushes to be easy to store. 
Unlike me MAC ones that are way too bulky, what a huge eyesore :/

Rate: 4/5 

Lip Color #401 SCANDAL

The color is actually more orange in real life!
So hello to my first ever orange lipstick. Haha! I was always too timid to try on orange lipsticks because I always thought only super fair girls could pull that trend off.
Still a little apprehensive on those super duper ORANGE lipsticks, so i went ahead with Scandal , an orangey-red color.

The texture of it is super creamy, glides on amazingly and it is crazy pigmented!
Scroll down to see how I transformed my look with the same lipstick!

Rate: 3.5/5

Overall I'm still not too used to the color, but the color payoff and all is amazing! 
Lasting power is still a disappointment though.. but all lipsticks (even those that claim to be long-wearing) still disappoint me till today.

Its difficult to find something of the same color pay off to a lipstick but has the staying power of a stain!

Lip Color #505 GLASS CORAL

This looks super intimidating from the tube but its so so so sheer when applied!
I would liken the Glass Coral to a gloss.. in a lipstick form?
It's so glossy, watery and sheer. The color pay off was so minimal I could barely see anything.

People who like to rock the bold lip look will probably prefer other lipsticks with better color payoff.
But I would definitely recommend this to a Make up Newbie or even school girls because it's so versatile, easy to use and super natural!

Here's me with Glass Coral and a few dabs of Scandal

Rate: 3/5
I'd rate this 3/5 because I personally prefer my lipsticks with colors. 

Creamy Lip Color #1 PICK ME UP

As its name suggests, its SUPER CREAMY and not to mention, crazy BOLD too!
I picked up the shade PICK ME UP (pun intended) and its this super bright, old english red with a little bit of blue undertones to it.

I just felt that every woman should own at least one form of red lipstick in their collection and what better way than to get one from such a reputable brand?
It's probably gonna last me a lifetime, so yes girls.. Invest in a good red lippie that compliments your skin!

#1 Pick Me Up is not only super pigmented (the swatch shows one layer), but easy to control because of its thin body.
The blue undertones in the red also helps with the illusion of whiter teeth :D

Full Cover Concealer #1

This concealer, together with the Waterful Concealer that im going to be talking about below are my ABSOLUTE FAVES out of everything that was sent to me from 3CE cosmetics.

Firstly, this full cover concealer is:
- Medium to full coverage
- Creamy
- Super Blend-able
- Brightening
- Does not crease

Rate: 5/5 
Let me tell you why, below !

I used it over the 3CE Waterful Concealer #1 Light as shown below:

Waterful Concealer #1 Light

- Light coverage
- Very very liquid 
- Brightening effect
- Super easy to blend

Rate: 3.5/5

I would rate this product on its own 3.5/5 simply because it wouldnt do ANYTHING for my dark circles or my spots.
Its simply wayyy too liquid for anything to even stick on my face! Lasting power is also incredibly short.

When used together with the 3CE FULL COVER CONCEALER, these two can work wonders.
I am not lying when I say that this has got to be the best concealer ever (im calling it "concealer" and not "concealers" because im referring to both concealers being used together)

It was super brightening, Natural, long -lasting, blendable!
You guys wont even believe how long lasting this combination is.... 
I used the Waterful concealer beneath, and a tiny bit of full concealer over. Set it with setting powder and this can last me for >5 hours

My concealers never go beyond 2.5 hours, much less double.

Rate: 6/5 (yes, its over full marks)
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you guys to use the two together because you wont regret it!

Shimmer Stick #Peach

A shimmer stick that can be used on your body or your face.
I havent really tried this out yet...

Super Slim Pen Eye Liner #Black

Im in LOVE with this!
I think this scored mainly on its design because its small, fits into the bag perfectly
Its brush is really thin anddddd! Short! Giving you the most control and allowing for precision.

Look at the different strokes created with this. I even drew a heart too!

Downside however, it STAINS my eyelids! Even after I remove them I can still see traces of it on my eyelids and I cant seem to get them out till the next day when it will miraculously disappear by itself.
Other than that, this is an AWESOME product and I will definitely recommend this!

Rate: 3.5/5

Now after reviewing all of the products in detail, I hope it was of some use to some of you!
Overall, 3CE make up is pretty amazing and im amazed by their wide range of color selection.
Here are the different looks I did by using the 3 lip sticks given to me by Miyoc.

Look #1

This was the natural look that I wore to work that day!
To create this look I used:
Waterful Concealer underneath a little bit of Full Cover Concealer
Brown Color in the Magic Face Maker All around the sides of my face for a smaller looking face, and around the sides of my nose for a slimmer looking nose.
- Highlighter side to highlight my nose bridge
- Glass Coral to top off my lips

Intentionally did my eyeshadow in the K-style way, a pity I cant show it to you guys in the picture!
Perhaps a tutorial some day? haha

As you all know, I received lots of 3CE Cosmetics Lip goodies!
So here are the MANY ways you can wear them, bring it from natural to dramatic, sweet to sultry, and day to night!

natural to dramatic
using Lip Color #401 Scandal by 3 Concept Eyes

As you guys might already know, the korean girls are famous for their little pouty lips that gives them such a sweet look!
They are fond of applying lighter colors at the side and a brighter shade in the middle of their lips, 

in this case, I used a little bit of Full Cover Concealer at the sides and applied a few dabs of Lip color #401 Scandal in the middle
For that extra pop!


Using the same lipstick as above, I applied as per normal and achieved this bright orange-y bold look

sweet to sultry
Using Creamy Lip Color in #1 Pick Me Up by 3 Concept Eyes

Using the same technique, I achieved a SWEET look with this lipstick!
Of course, if you want to bring it from Sweet to Sultry, apply it straight on from the tube and you'll get this:


Thats it guys!

A big thank you to MIYOC for sending so many goodies to me, and don't forget to check them out at their sites for more details:

Have a great weekend ahead :)


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  2. I've experience using various lipstick brand and types. Among all, Sephora lipstick has got the most long lasting impact. More than 12hours .try

  3. I really want to try the Back to Baby BB cream, but I'm just worried that I won't end up liking the 3ce BB... I'm currently using and loving the Iope BB cushion.
    Thanks for your review! After reading this post, I ordered a lot of 3ce products (mostly lip products) during the Black Friday sale and did a 3ce Makeup Haul - link below. Enjoy!