Week 15 updates

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


What's been happening in Pixels: 

Some Exam welfare & love from the two lovely girls from Jarapetit

Walked by Tampines Pasar Malam and FINALLY got my hands on my favourite Tutu Kueh.
Was telling Matthias that its probably gonna be gone very soon :( Hardly see traditional delights like this around anymore.

On a side note, its 5 for $2.50. Since when tutu kueh's so expensive?!

Did my hair like this again on one of the days, starting to love the many things I can do to my hair whenever I'm having a bad hair day!
This was actually my second-day hair (trying not to wash my hair everyday because it's apparently super drying on your hair) 

Preppy outfit for that day as well.
People hardly get to see me in my bagpack, but when you do... you'll know that exams are coming!

Last but not least, the mnms turn 11 official months today  

Stay around, i'm gonna be done with my papers soon!
2 down, 2 more to go. I can do this.
Anyway, updated my layout with TAGS at the side bar! Whooooeeeewwwww, now you guys can just search for the specific posts with just one click :> 


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