Happy go lucky : Heroine Make Mascara Reviews + Brunch with GFs at Habitat Coffee!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello everyone!

Guess who's a free bird now? Hehehe 
Finished my last paper today and even though it didnt go as well as I expected it to be, judging from it being my favorite subject of the semester. But ah well, I just couldnt wait to get it over and done with!

With that, I conclude that school's out for the entire YEAR for me! 
exchange is not considered schooling

So here's the little bits and pieces of my entire week (from when I can remember) and i'm gonna ATTEMPT (yes, no promises I'll do it well) to recall the events that happened.

First up, here are a few shots of one of my favorite White Top, hop over to my Instagram if you're interested to know where it's from. 
And of course, there are special discount deals for my readers there too!

I loved that it was chic, and minimalistic.
Kinda find myself staying away from bright colored clothing nowadays, a total opposite from how my wardrobe used to look like.. Heads up.. Majority of my clothing last time were YELLOW

Also recently, I attended the Heroine Make Unbelievably Long Lasting Mascara Media preview, where I got to try out the newest Heroine Make products!

I've been really LOVING their mascaras : and here are my truest reviews (I'm not paid for a blog advert)

Long and Curl Mascara:
- Really lengthens
- Lightweight
- Stay Curled ALL DAY
- Clump-free
- Build-able

Volume and Curl Mascara:
- Only saw a tiny bit of Volumizing effect
- Stay Curled ALL DAY
- Will tend to get a little clumpy if you build it up > 3 coats

I'm a huge fan of the Long and Curl Mascara because my lashes are really short, sparse and pathetic:

Oh and notice they go STRAIGHT downwards as well? hahaha! My curls usually don't last on me at all and I have barely found a few good mascaras that can hold my curl and stay relatively curled throughout the day.
I usually wear my mascaras for over 15hours.. sometimes even more!

Here's me with one coat on one eye, and bare lashe-d in the other. It actually makes a huge difference eh?

So yes, when the Heroine make mascaras actually stayed so curled throughout the day, I was REALLY impressed :)

Have been using it every day since!

The event was pretty fun too, where they had some rubberband challenge. basically we gotta compete to see who's got the longest and strongest lashes to be able to withstand the weight of as many rubberbands as you can on them!

Of course, I knew my short lashes wouldnt get me anywhere so I didn't bother. But others (LUCKY ONES) who's got super long and thick lashes naturally like Yina, gave it a go!
She actually hung like 12 rubberbands or something. Cray Cray

Fast forward to today! Yes I know im efficient, but I miss blogging so much!
The first thing I did right after my last paper, was to head down to Milly's to get my nails done :)
Shall reveal my nail designs tomorrow after i've posted it up on my Instagram, haha! 

Curls were lovingly done by Yan from Milly's who saw the bored-mong fiddling w the hair straightener.
She just went like " I help you la" and i'm like"ooohhh can play? Haha okay"
(so we just went ahead to tong my hair, with no heat protectant, oops)
I was too excited!!!! But please guys, use your heat protectant, its very important and i'm the worst example out there. Hahaha

Lets hope I don't get nagged at by my Hairstylist, Wee tomorrow. LOL

Headed to Habitat Coffee once again because Common Man was closed and we didnt know. Hahaha!
It was my first "unofficial" meeting with these two lovely ladies outside work, and god who knew we'd enjoy ourselves so much.

Food was great as usual, I remember visiting this place for my 7th months anniversary with Matt.
It's been almost 5 months now, how time flies!

This time, we ordered so much because we were all so hungry!
(Although I just ate a full subway meal like 1 hour ago.. facepalm)

This was how it looked like EVERY single time a plate of food was served to our table.
Bloggers being bloggers, the first thing we did was whip out our cameras to shoot the food. LOL
And we didn't allow anyone to start on it first because it would "spoil" the nicely plated food. Well you know, just in case that photo didn't turn out too nice. 

Its a good thing because all 3 of us are like that and we didn't have any boyfriends whining at the side, asking to let him start on it ><

Eggs Ben

Truffle Fries that were good, but Wayyyy too oily and it will get pretty gelat after a while. 
So remember to share!

Tomato Relish - One of the best i've eaten. Only downside, the bread at the side could be better!
It was pretty tough and rough. Haha I prefer soft bread, but that's just me

Banana Pancake
It was soooo fluffy, but the banana taste wasnt too strong. I love bananas so... this dish wasnt too impressive.
But then again if someone had told me these were normal plain waffles, I'd be so happy because it'd be so impressive then. 
Hahaha I guess its a matter of expectation?

Lastly, the three gluttons who could barely move after all the above decided to challenge ourselves to a HUGE slice of Red Velvet Cake

Look at how pretty it is?! And as a comparison, refer to this photo and you will know how thick of a slice this is.

Yep. Bloggers at work and a super ginormous cake.
I went to cake-heaven really. It was moist on the inside, rich in flavor and for once a RVV that has the original "cocoa" taste to it.
I'd highly suggest you guys share with a few friends though. Haha

That's it for now guys!
I'm really really happy that school is over for now, but because internship is starting very soon in just a week's time, I am trying my very best to clear all my backlogs!
I know i havent published ANY on my Europe trip. Sigh, soon soon!

Intending to film my Workout routine as promised. But i don't know how I should go about doing that.
Do you guys prefer it in a video format? Or a series of photos? haha let me know!
Both require a lot of work so.. I hope it all pays off!

Till then

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