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Saturday, March 08, 2014


Okay before you guys start judging and hatin' on me for my horrible bare face, you gotta know that this post is highly requested by many of you and for those who really don't wish to see my face or amateur make up skills, you can exit now :)

Hahaha before its too late and you start freaking out!
Nah im just kidding.

Anyway many of you have requested me to do a few looks and they are mainly the looks I always wear to my outdoor photoshoots or special events and occasions.

If you want to find out how I did my make up for this look, then continue to read and watch the video towards the end!

To be very honest, I don't change my make up for different occasions. What I do most of the time is either i apply it with a lighter hand or i'll go for a more dramatic look with more of the same products and amp it all up with a pop of color on my lips or some darker eye shadow at the outer corners of my eyelids.

Everything else stays the same! Even the products I use are the same all the time >< 

Before you watch the video, here's me warning you that my skin looks really blemished in there because I just got a few bites from a nasty mosquito that was trapped in my room the whole night while I slept.
And that was the most unfortunate thing ever because I only had that day to film and I did. Meh. 

But here's the good news, the bites are all gone now and I have killed that irritating mosquito a few days ago. Hooray!!!

Enjoy the rest of the video:

Here's what I used:
- Loreal TrueMatch Liquid Foundation in Golden Beige
- Maybelline Mineral Concealer in No.2
- Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in Silky Beige
- Bobbi Brown brow pencil in Brown
- Kate eyebrow color
- All I want For Christmas Palette by Too Faced
- Dr. Rescue Baby Lips by Maybeline
- Loreal Liner Intense Eyeliner
If you guys realized, the make up shown in the video is slightly different from the look above. But that's because I didn't put on falsies or any lipstick at all!
I wanted to create more flexibility and i wanted to let you all know that you can achieve a whole different look with just leaving few products out / switching a few products around too :)
For an everyday look:
Simply switch out the foundation with either BB cream or just a simple moisturizer will do! 
Note that I usually do not wear any foundation on a normal day, and will only use them when I have shoots or when I feel like i need more coverage :) 
Also, instead of using a dark brown eyeshadow on the outer corners, skip that step and simply contour your eye socket with just a light brown crease color. 
On days when I just want my eyes to be a little more defined but have no time for a perfect winged eyeliner, i'll just use a khol eyeliner (pencil) and tightline my upper lashline to give an illusion of fuller lashes. 
I love that trick because it literally takes 2 seconds and it doesn't matter if its blotchy or messy because it cant really be seen anyway!^^
Last but not least, instead of using a lipstick, i'll opt for clear lip balm instead. I'm not a fan of tinted lip balms because I like my lips to be either really bold and bright, or naked. 
I don't own many lipsticks but my current favorite one is the Chanel one i'm wearing above! 
Which. I. Recently. Destroyed. OMG.OMGOMGOMG.Stabs.Myself
Yeah... sobs. Guess who closed the cap on it before winding it down its tube fully?
Sigh I almost cried because that's the most i've ever spent on any make up on myself and this happens.
For a heavier look:
I'll do the usual routine as shown in the video, but intensify my eyeshadows by packing up more dark brown color on the outer corner of my eyelids. This will create a more "smokey" effect, and that's more suitable for the night time or for a studio photoshoot.
Also, i'll stick on some falsies to create a "wider-eyed" effect. 
To further create a more "awake" look, use some shimmery pearly/white color on inner corners of your eyes!
Last but not least, I'll definitely go heavier on the contouring of my cheekbones and smack up a bright red/pink lip to complement my entire look :)
Thank you for reading and I hope you guys found it helpful!

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