Green Hair? Yes please!! (Salon Vim)

Sunday, March 09, 2014

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Read about my first visit here.

How time really flies! The last time i visited Salon Vim was actually more than 2 months ago. 
Been way too busy and I didn't see the need to do my hair since I was going away for CNY anyway.

This time, Wee managed to pull off another miracle on my dead, dull and frizzy hair.
Oh and a super angry scalp too! ><

Continue to read more to find out what I did to get this head of smooth, silky and bouncy hair : 

I decided to bleach my hair for the first time that day! 
In order to achieve the copper-blonde highlights that I've always wanted, Wee suggested that the best way to do it was to bleach it. 
For those of you who're wondering if bleaching your hair is very damaging to it, the answer is yes, of course it damages it. And after consulting Wee, he was also very honest and told me that in fact, having your hair chemically treated in any way is more often than not, damaging.

But he assured me that he was gonna bring the damage to the most minimal as he could, and also added on that I could always do treatments after that to restore the health of my strands, which he did so PERFECTLY:)

And I went ahead with it!

After Bleaching my highlights, Wee went on to find the most suitable color for my skin tone.
As usual, I told him to go ahead with anything because I trusted him and I wanted it to be a surprise. Hehe. 
So yes, it was actually pretty exciting for me because I had absolutely no idea about what these people were doing to me. 
Nope, im not crazy if you're wondering.. I just simply trust that they'd want the best for me too!
And of course, every stylist at Salon Vim are all highly trained as well.

As you guys already know, I suffer from a very angry scalp haha! 
It's extremely sensitive and i've been seeking the best products and treatments for it.
It's quite annoying to have such a sensitive scalp because it always starts to "peel" whenever I use a product that's not suitable for it. Making me look like i've got dandruff -.-

But no!!
It's very important to know what's the root of the problem and i believe that many ppl do the same.  I jumped into conclusion that i was suffering from dandruff (when I actually wasn't), when i found my scalp peeling.
So for the next few years I kept using products that targeted dandruff problems. This greatly worsened my condition.
It didn't help when my stylists from the other salons (who knew nothing about it) told me I was suffering from dandruff too -.- And recommended heavy duty dandruff products for my hair.
*Can you imagine how much damage my scalp went through pffft*

It was only when I started to ask around (the right people that is) then I realized that all these while, i wasn't battling dandruff but a very sensitive scalp condition that could have been easily treated.

Surprisingly, Wee could tell from one look that it wasn't dandruff! Hahahaha
Good test over there ;) 
He recommended a purifying treatment for my scalp that helps with detox because my scalp needs to be thoroughly "cleansed" first before i start on my calming treatment at home and on the next time I visit.

They went on to color my hair, and they did it in 2 parts.
One at the top and the other at the bottom. I asked why they had to section it in half and they told me that they were doing two different colors for me! 
Goodness. Imagine how I got a shock when I heard that. Was crossing my fingers and hoping they didn't give me anything too cray cray ><

(Scroll all the way to the bottom to see what color he gave me!)

It was another round of treatment again, and this time, my stylist recommended the different types of treatments to suit my hair. 
The pink one targeted colored hair, while the green one was for hydration. Definitely what I needed after all that bleaching and dye-ing!

In the meantime, Racy came over and handed me some products that she handpicked specially for me.
And remember my condition was: Sensitive and dry scalp, colored treated and dry hair?
Well.. each and every product was recommended for each condition, and they made sure they covered every single aspect and every need.
So thankful.

Left to right: Kerstase Resistance Shampoo for Hydration , Kerastase Reflective Chroma Riche for Colored Hair, Kerastase Specifique Sesidote Dermo-calm for Sensitive and Inflamed Scalp

I've been on these products for a week now, and I gotta say that they are worth every single cent!
Now I know why people would invest in products like these. They work wonders!
Especially the Hydration shampoo which i've been using for about 2+ months now, and the calming serum for my scalp that has really controlled the dryness of my scalp.

I now see less flaking, and my hair looks more shiny and healthy.
People can barely believe that my locks just went through so much dye-ing and bleaching!

The end result: Wee gave me a lighter ashy greenish color at the top and a darker ash-toned brown at the bottom.
It's such a clever trick to give an illustion of more texture, and volume! And what I love about it is that it is done so well and the color gradient was SO SO SO subtle.
Not everyone can achieve it looking so natural :D

Credits; Missypixie

Before (Left) to After (Right)

I know you guys can't tell much difference just by showing you guys photos above. So here's a comparison!
Don't you think the color instantly brightens up my face ?! Amazing!
My ends are also less dry and frizzy now, thanks to the treatments Salon Vim provided :) 

//Pardon the bimbotic video below it was just something really really random//
Just look at the hair and ignore the rest ><

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