Recess Week Food Hunt Part 2 : Asian Market Cafe + Brunch with Girlfriends

Monday, March 03, 2014

Read Part 1 here

Aloha! So after Mellben Seafood, Matt and I went back to one of out favourite international buffet cafe at Asian Market Cafe  once more to celebrate our 9th month properly.
Although we were 1 week late (our 9th month was one day after Valentines day), we figured that since we already blew one night away celebrating Valentines day, we should postpone the 9th month celebration after mid terms instead.

So we did!

We love AMC because it has the best local food and one for the freshest cold seafood spread over
At least from the last time we could remember :)
And it's not thattt pricey / crowded as compared to the other more famous international buffet places out there.

DOFN = Date of the night (?) LOL 

One of my favorite parts of international buffet - the cold seafood!
Also the first thing i'd chiong towards heh

The prawns are still the freshest ive eaten so far. Sashimi that day was pretty mehhh.
But the during previous time we went, it was actually good! hahaha
Anyway back to prawns, it was really cold. And I love my prawns to be really cold. 
Turgid, with a crunch everytime i sink my teeth in.. it was also naturally sweet too. Yum

And yep i think i ate more than 20 prawns that day (im not kidding) 

Chilli Crab

Here comes my favorite food of all time... Laksa!
I'm always on the search for the best laksa in Singapore and for now, i'm wowed by the one served at ASM. 
It's really really delish, not gelat and just right. Everything in that bowl of cocnut milk was really good. 
At least to me haahaha. And yep.. I went for 2 bowls :D

Satisfied boy with his egg prata
The prata was too gelat and "flour-y" in my opinion.
It felt more like a super thick crepe instead. Lacking in crispiness. Meh

All of their desserts were pretty normal to me.. except for this!
If you're a durian lover, you need to try this!!!
Their Speciality Durian Paste is soooo rich and creamy, it was like heaven to me.
But of course, such a dessert is so rich that people can only eat half a bowl of it. So don't be greedy!

So, here's what i'd recommend from Asian Market Cafe:
1) Laksa 
2) Cold Prawns 
3) Durian Paste
4) Salmon sashimi
 (but the standard of this is quite inconsistent so let;s see how lucky you are :)

Asian Market Cafe is located at:
Fairmont Hotel
80 Bras Basah Road
Level 2 City Hall

Price: Approx $60/adult (dinner)

The next afternoon I headed for a girly brunch with my JC-girlfriends at this new place opened by Saveur.
It's called Concetto and it has just recently taken over the spot where Billy Bombers was at @ The Cathay.
& to keep this short and sweet... I did not really enjoy my time there at the restaurant.
The ambience and everything was great, staff were friendly, plating were nice, price point was pretty reasonable as well.
But the food was really tasteless?! 

That just made their menu a lot more expensive and not worth it to dine there. Hahaha.
I thought it was good for diners who like to take photos of their food (they look really good in photos as you can see below) , but that's about all.

Minestrone Soup which i finished in 5 mouthfuls.

Prawn Aglio Olio 

Fungal Risotto

Crab Risotto

However their desserts were not-too-bad
I wouldnt say good. But just average. Or maybe just slightly above average.
For the price we paid (Approx $11 for a plate of dessert), we believed we could get better ones out there.

Tiramisu - Not bad!

Fruit tart

Nevertheless, it was a good afternoon well spent with my girls whom I havent seen in a long while.

Everything's all secondary with them around :') 

Last but not least, i'll end this post off with an OOTD that afternoon hehe

I'm in love with comfy and floral things like this romper. Makes me feel like im in my PJs all the time!
If you guys don't own anything like this, you really should!

Thank you guys for reading my series of food posts. I hope im not boring you guys out with it :)
Keep reading for more food/beauty posts coming your way!

I finally managed to film my "everyday make up look" for you guys today without any hiccups.
Expect that soon, too!

Meanwhile, take care and today marks the end of my recess week:(
Boohoo. This means less time to blog and more energy channeled into studying and school. But don't forget to keep up with me on my social media platforms yeah?:)


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