Pizzahut's New SIGNATURE Series

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pizza Hut has just launched their new Signature Pizza range!
This time, the pizza giant came up a whole new 5 different flavored pizzas for their signature series, and lucky me, i got to try them on the actual day of the launch!

I was allowed to bring along my plus one, and whats better than having your eating buddy with you for a food event?:)

We were all given goodie bags at the entrance and I was really thrilled because they gave us all such thoughtful gifts!
Will definitely use the wooden pan for many many things. A chopping board, a plate, or even as a decorating piece in the kitchen ~

Next up, the Pizza Hut staffs performed a short little dance to promote their new pizza range. Ahh look at those headpieces, i thought they were vegetables :P HAHA
I mean look at the green one, so cute!!! 

Pretty pineapple with her plus one :D

It was an entertaining event with lots of performance and audience interaction. hehe Alvin, one of the managers from Nuffnang got volunteered up on stage to try making the new Signature Pizza :D We were all laughing the whole way because he was so awkward on stage LOL

Let the photos do the talking. Just look at his face?! ><

(I was starvingggg by then because I had a shoot the whole morning I didnt get to eat lunch :( 

The new Pizza Hut's Signature Pizzas all come in hand-stretched thin crust , all of them individually hand-made by the chefs!
Also, all the freshest ingredients are used as toppings and i was really impressed after tasting every single one of them.
What's pizza without cheese right? Well, for all the cheese lovers out there, you won't be disappointed because every pizza has loads of cheesy goodness in them! 
Especially Pumpkin Garden - I'm not a fan f pumpkin personally but they had many little BLOCKS of cheese in them that made the whole dish so yummy and delish 

Here are the 5 flavors:
Pesto Gusto, Pumpkin Garden, Seafood Symphony, Wild About Mushrooms and Tropical Dream

If i were to rank the pizzas from #1 to #5, with the first being the best to me , i'll go with:

1) Seafood Symphony
I'm a fan of seafood (As you all can already tell by how much I love squid, stingray, prawns etc) and the seafood in there was really fresh! And may I add on... the prawns used were really huge and they were the largest i've seen on a pizza.

2) Pumpkin Garden
Like I've mentioned eearlier, im not a fan of pumpkin and the fact that this pizza was really not bad came as a huge surprise for me!
I even ate all the pumpkins on the pizza because of all the cheesy goodness that came along with it. Who knew pumpkins and cheese would go so well together? Hmm

3) Tropical Dream
Well... Who doesnt love the classic Hawaiian Pizza? 
Thinly sliced ham with pineapple and tomato sauce (& cheese), this pizza also had a surprising element to it!
Initially, I thought it was just another classic hawaiian pizza, but when I took my first bite... the pizza was actually sweet??!
So here's where the word "tropical" came from - the sweet taste actually came from the mango sauce drizzled on top! Before you start to freak out, it's actually quite nice.
Once again, who knew mango sauce would taste nice on pizza....?

4) Wild About Mushroom
I like mushrooms and I eat them. But when they come with the rich "wild mushroom-y" taste, then it's a no-no for me.
But well, thats just me and my tastebuds haha! Everyone in the table actually really liked this pizza except for me.
If you're a fan of mushrooms and it's natural goodness, then you'll surely like this :)

5) Pesto Gusto
I. dont. like. pesto.
HAHA so yes. Can't base my judgement on this because I can't appreciate Pesto very well. Especially in chicken. Haha! But of course, many found this pizza really nice as well.

All the above are what i feel about the pizzas PERSONALLY. Everyone likes different things and have different tastebuds, so don't be afraid to try out the new pizzas just because I don't like it!

Overall, the pizzas were really good. And I cant stress enough about how generous they are when it came to their fillings and toppings.

Erica & I were then interviewed on our thoughts afterwards, and yes! As you guys can tell... we were both too excited and happy after eating so many slices of pizzas.

That concluded the Pizza Hut Media Event that we attended! SO glad to have matt and erica the pineapple with me :D

Hope everyone's well and alive. I'm almost half dead but..... I just received some GREAT news yesterday and i'm OVERJOYED!
Immediately brightened up the rest of my day and it was a well-needed piece of news to receive because its week 11 now and i'm stressed as hell.

Hehe will share more about all the exciting and happy news in my next post! :*
Love ya'll and take care!


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  1. The size is like a small pizza. The smallest and its $26.50. Its a great base and far better pizza than the standard ones but the size and price at totally out of whack. Looks nothing like the size you see in pictures.