I'm going on EXCHANGE!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Warning: This post contains many things on my religion as a christian. Please exit if you're uncomfortable in any way. 
No comments or ridiculous questions on ask.fm about my religion will be entertained.
I hope you all will respect that I have the free will to write in my blog and I have my own beliefs too!

Some you might have already known... that i've been feeling really happy the past few days because of some news I received on saturday, hehe!
And nope... i'm not pregnant if you're wondering haha! Though I wish I could be a young mom, but sadly it's not gonna happen anytime soon because I don't plan to get married yet!

So here goes, good news #1 :




This went on for about 30 mins, 20s interval in-between. Not kidding.

*After 1 hour* 


And perhaps for a little moment I felt like this, yes.. A happy bride bursting with tears of joy.
Hahaha i'm drama like that, #justkidding .

Anyhow, I just wanna share with you guys the whole 3 month (torturous) long waiting process.
If you're new to my blog, or new to the story of Matt & I, basically we've had this really huge headache about which schools to apply for, and how to rank it in our choices.
For SMU, applications for international exchange allowed you to have up to 5 choices, where you rank them #1, #2 and so on. 
Of course, if you ranked a particular university #1, you'll get a higher chance of getting in compared to someone who say, ranked that same university #4.
But that having said, each university had very limited slots, around 2-5 on average, and you're competing for slots among 300 over students?! (this is a hasty generalization but you get it that the proportion is much bigger la huh)

In other words, chances of you getting into your desired university is indeed quite low . Especially if your GPA isnt exactly high like mine. And the chances of getting into a university with such low GPA with someone else is almost out of the picture.

(Oh did i mention that Matt's GPA is really quite high, sigh)

So yes. We thought about it for what seemed like a million years. Why?
Because essentially i only had One choice . For me, it's make or break because since Matt's GPA is so darn high (-.-) , he's almost guaranteed any university in his first choice. 
While poor me have to calculate the probability of people putting the uni as their first choice, whether i'd make the number... #life

In the end, we decided to go for france, and we had to decide between two schools - one with alot of slots that was quite popular (not gonna name the uni but you can ask me personally), the other with little slots but pretty ulu. 
After consulting many people and seniors, we decided to apply for the ULU (Grenoble) one with only 5 slots. (4 slots for me because Matt would take 1 slot). It was a gamble, and it tested our faith.

After submission closed, we decided as a couple to commit it all to God. And every single day for the next 3 months after, we would confess about going to Grenoble on exchange together. 
We also made it a point to keep exchange results in our prayers everyday, bringing it up and committing it to God every time we say grace before our meals. 

To be honest, I was really scared because I knew my chances were very low at getting anywhere. 
And a part of me believed that I wouldn't get it, and felt that all these time spent praying and confessing would be in vain. 
I didn't want to disappoint Matt because I knew he's always wanted to see me believe in myself... so I didn't bring it up. Meanwhile, I continued to pray and asked God to help me with my disbelief

Slowly, it became a small little routine that we both didn't even realise we had grown on. We started planning for our exchange (before we got the results) and always talked about how fun it'd be once summer ends.
We talked about the different places we'd visit, and the kind of "house" (apartment or dorm la in fact) we wanted, and how it was a like a prelude to living a happily married life with each other.
I couldn't wait. Unknowingly, i have started to trust that God would provide me with the things I truly desire.

Sure enough, my prayers were answered. On the previous Saturday, while in school early in the morning for a project meeting. I received a call from Matthias.

"Baby, I got the email. I got it already."
He didn't sound too happy, because well, we both knew he'd get it anyway. The news would only be good if I got it too.
"Huh... omg... I still haven't received any email yet baby. How? Omgosh so scary, Im scared"
"They should have sent the email together right? Since it's from the same partner University"
"... I'll go check it again,... omg baby omg"
*hangs up*

I said my last prayer, asking for God to make this dream come true for me. After, I took a deep breath and hit the "refresh" button in my email.

*zzzzzzz* The vibration came.

I saw the first few words in my email and I SCREAMED. In the middle of my meeting. HAHA!
Was wayy too overjoyed I couldn't contain my happiness. I couldn't believe i got it?!?!?! 
Called Matt immediately after and he shouted "YESSSS!YESSSYESSYESS!" over the phone too ><
That was the best news i've received. God is really good. 

The whole point of this post is not only to share this piece of good news with you guys, but also to let you all know that it's not impossible! 
If you're a believer like I am, i'd like to say that God always wants the best for you, and he will never fail to comfort and provide. *Beams* 
There's no way I could have done it without His help.


I'm sorry if all you non-believers find this post boring/weird. But i'm Christian, a regular-churchgoer, and this is my blog. So i'd respect that you guys kindly exit this page if any of this offends you in any way.
No comments or questions on ask.fm on my religion will be entertained and I sincerely hope you sweet peas will respect and understand!
I have my personal beliefs and I just want to share on the my deepest, darkest and truest thoughts.
If you guys, love me for who I am, i'm sure you guys can love this side of me too yeah ? 


A very happy Mong

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  1. Really so happy for you!:) Indeed God is a good God^^ Ask n it shall be answered:):)

  2. Congratulations on getting what u wanted!! And indeed god is good :-) haha rly happy for u for able to getting that slot!

    Just know that when u do ur best, god will do the rest!!!^^

    Also.... He is definitely planning the best path for us if sometimes he doesn't go your way; the way u wanted it to go! So don't be sad if that happens some day alright! Just know The Lord has the best plans for us in his hands alr!! Just gotta keep believing in him! So glad u r also a Christian to be honest!
    Hehe and do not lose faith next time ok? U sound like u r :-( in the beginning of ur post!

    Just want u to know a verse:
    In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path - proverbs 3:6

    :-) all the best in your exchange!!! :-) hehe so glad I found another sister of Christ ;-)

  3. OMGOSH PRAISE THE LORD! sometimes you know things like this really won't happen due to coincidences but definitely from God! I really dunno how to explain this kinda amazing feeling but you just know it for sure, happy for you!!

  4. Hey, did you join any cca in smu?

    If you join any cca in SMU, will it help in your application of going to an exchange program?