Singapore's First SPERRY Flagship Store!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I was very very honored to be invited to the opening of SPERRY's first ever flagship store in Singapore!
Everyone knows that i'm a huge fan of sperry boat shoes. I personally own a pair myself, and it's been a staple in my shoe collection ever since I got them 2 years ago. 

What made me love Sperry boats shoes? Well... In my opinion, Sperry makes the nicest and most flattering boat shoes, and not only that, their quality and designs were simply unmatchable by others :)

Taken from my instagram @mongabong

The one pair I have has grey sequins with brown shoelaces. That was 2 years ago.
And I love how they are so versatile and how they go so well with all my outfits.
 Not to mention, comfort is also one of their best selling points for me!

Today, Sperry has their boat shoes in many more designs and colors to cater to the needs of everyone.
PLUS, Sperry have also recently came out with different boat shoes using different materials on their shoes and soles (apart from leather, you can now find Sperry Top Sider shoes in Suede material etc) 

Here's the mens' collections:

Looking at all these made me really jealous. I mean why do they have such nice ones??! 
Times like these I wished I was born a guy - found so many pairs I liked!

The American Original is a collection that features the very first few designs Paul Sperry came up with.
Timeless and classic pieces that will never go out of style.

The Birth of Sperry Top-Sider :
An avid sailor and inventor, who almost lost his life to a slippery deck, Paul Sperry spent years and dozens of experiments trying to perfect a non-slip boat shoe. 

One day, after watching his dog dart effortlessly across the ice, he carved grooves - like those on his dog's paws - into the bottom of a rubber sole. In that moment of inspiration, the world's first boat shoe was born.

Instructions on how to tie the Barrel Tassel Knot ! 

Lucky me, all the bloggers who graced the event were entitled to one pair of Sperry shoes of our choice! 

I picked and tried out almost every single pair they had under their women section and I shortlisted a few that I liked (which didnt have my size at the store boo...)

Nevertheless, i'd like to say:
A big thank you to kind staffs over at Sperry Marina Square ! They actually helped me call the different RSH outlets in singapore to find the shoe sizes for my tiny feet ><  

My happy ChurpChurp Manager, Gwen. So cute!

Here's one of my top picks from my trip there!
*fingers crossed they find my size somewhere... :(*

Can't decide between this or that... 
It's okay! First priority would be to camwhore ! 
To think I actually had a headache thinking about how I should pose with the shoes before the event started. It's funny how shoes actually make such good props for camwhoring :)

The next two pictures were captured by Stalker Gwen - who kept telling us, (both Erica and I) about how happy she was for us that we could hit off so well.
So happy I got to meet Erica, my long time idol who's younger than me LOL! 

We kept joking about how it's so easy to take photos with each other because we're both so tanned.
I wonder if anyone understands the pains of being tan? Like when you take photos with people who are fairer than you and you look like an "orh-lang" (black person) next to them.
I don't even think im thattttt tanned actually. PFFT.

Oh oh! And here comes the dilemma when you edit your photos and perhaps... attempt to make yourself look fairer. HAHA
Once you brighten the photo, your friend becomes a freaking ghost while you finally look like a normal Singaporean chinese. Then comes the part where you struggle with your conscience on whether you should post up that photo with your friend looking like a ghost or not.


But with Erica, no such problem! *yay* 

Two fair Singaporean Chinese *winks*
Nuffnang Team

Thank you Sperry Singapore for inviting me to grace this event! 
Congratulations on your opening and to all Sperry lovers out there, this is certainly a piece of good news for you! (& me)
We can now visit one store and get our hands on the widest and latest range of Sperry Top Sider shoes.
No more hopping from outlets to outlets just to get access to the full range in the country now!

Sperry @ Marina Square is located at:
Marina Square
Tel: 6337 3458


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