Photo Apps I use frequently : Step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve the "overlay" + side mirror reflection effects!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Photo Apps I use frequently: 

Many of you have asked me how I achieved these effects on my photos and what apps I use etc. This entry is going to be teaching you guys the different steps to getting this "Overlap" effects on your photos!

P.S This is a Step-by-step tutorial so whip out your phones now and try it out!:)

Today i'm going to be showing you guys how to achieve this:

And this: 

The First App I used is called Picsart
*Do note that this is not an advertorial of any sorts*

It looks like this

The next few steps are fairly simple, so follow the bubbles i've marked out for you and you should be fine!

Okay, so this is the photo I've selected to do the demonstration on.
Next, Click on "Add photo" as shown below:

Choose the exact same photo again from your library and click on "done"

You should see your second photo on top of your first photo like this:

Click on the white dots at the corners of the photo and drag it out to expand to your desired size. 
I chose to expand it to the exact same size as my original photo.

Then, lower the opacity of the second photo as shown below (so as to work with it better)

Next, drag the layer to wherever you want it to overlap. In this case, I dragged it to the left.
Then, click on the crop icon on the top, to reach here:

Crop the photo to the best of your abilities

Click on the Paintbrush icon as seen and select "Draw"

This is the tricky part: you now have to color over the parts of the photo you wish to keep. 
Look at the examples given below:

After clicking on the Tick button on the top right hand corner, you should get this.

Next click on the little drop down arrow and choose "Darken"
There you go!
P.S i know this is quite a shabby job but thats cos i did it in 30s and its for the sake of the tutorial

Now for the next tutorial, I'll be showing you guys how to achieve this "mirror" effect!
However this is no ordinary "mirror" reflected picture - as you can see, the reflection starts from the side!

For this, I use Diptic
This app is not free in the appstore, I had to pay $1.28 for it

Choosing this:

Insert two identical photos into each cell, and flip either side over as shown below:

Next, select "frames" at the bottom,

& you will see this. What makes Diptic so different from other collage apps is that you can actually scale and shift the cells anyhow you want in each collage!

Click on the arrow as shown, and drag it to which ever direction you want your reflection to start from. 
In this case, I shifted it to the left:

Next, move your photos however you like and it's pretty self-explanatory! 
TADDAAAA you will end up with something like this~

I hope you guys found this useful! Haha let me know if you guys have any more ideas for mobile photo editing because I'm running out of ideas!


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  1. Is your phone samsung or iphone. Cuz on samsung I cant do the picsart thing :( but thank you for the tutorial! !

  2. Hello! I'm using iPhone! Not sure if it works on Samsung.. Sorry!!:(

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