Review: Yun Nam Herbalogy Hair Treatment

Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Heylo everybadi! I was recently invited to do a review on the Yun Nam Herbalogy Treatment by the courtesy of Cozycot. 
I remember jumping for joy and I immeditaely showed Matt the email. Because i've been wanting to go see a specialist for my dry scalp for a very very long time now, but haven't had the time and discipline to.
So glad that it came at the right time.

First, I was greeted by Sanny, the branch manager at Century Square.

Had my particulars filled. And next, got my scalp analysed. 
I told her about my dry scalp condition and she went on to do a thorough check for me, using that scanning thingy.

Warning, it picks out the tiniest things in your hair LOL

So here is my scalp condition on certain parts of my head. Im sorry if it looks disturbing. But yeah! As you can see, the back of my scalp is realllly dry. And there are little dried flakes too due to the usage of unsuitable shampoos for my hair.
The red spot over there was also discovered as well. Sanny said its scarring by the use of harmful chemicals. SO GIRLS.
Be very very careful whenever you use anything with harsh chemicals, make sure you dont let it touch your scalp! Remind your hairstylists to be extra careful as well because you might end up with burns like me.
But thankfully, it was only a very small area and Sanny said it was pretty easy to get it treated.

explaining to me how a normal scalp is supposed to be

Then, the treatment begins!

The staff over at Yun Nam picked out the herbs that were suitable for my scalp and its condition. 
For people with really sensitive scalps like me, be rest assured because Yun Nam uses 100% natural herbs and ingredients in their products.
And if you're wondering how sensitive my scalp is, exactly. Well.. I cant even use any other shampoo or products with artificial stuff in it. Be it color, fragrance, sulphates etc. If not, my scalp will be soooo dry it will start to flake!

I'd attribute that to my hereditary ezcema condition, which i was borned with. So that makes my skin super duper sensitive and easily irritated. BOOHOO

Massage, massage

That's it! Sanny even gave me such salon worthy blow outs.
So in love with it! 

My scalp has significantly improved with just one treatment and im so impressed!
Say yay to healthier scalp and a happier you :)

Yun Nam Haircare:
2 Tampines Central 5
Century Square Shopping Centre
Singapore 529509
Tel: 6262 3232

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