Adventures to Furball land

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hello guys!
I'm back with a super duper cute blog post! Hahaha not saying that im cute la, but the things that i'll be blogging about!
This post is gonna be flooded with photos captured (because i was so damn excited) hehe. So its perfect for those who cant be bothered to read. Just gotta scroll through quick quick and enjoy the cuteness.

Well. No prizes for guessing what today's entry is gonna be about. 

Paid a visit to We're The Furballs recently- a place i've been dying to go. Like DYING.
Attempted to visit this little doggy playland a few times but to no avail. They;ve been under renovations for the longest time, at least to me, oops.
Now they are finally finally back with a brand new layout and yay to us who get to meet the cuties!

Here's a random outfit feature of the outfit I wore that day. It was my first time trying the "black on black" look, and im starting to like it! Im usually not into matchy colored outfits because they just seemed really... weird to me.

But after working so long as a blogshop model, I realised many stylists actually match outfits according to the same color, or colors from the same "family"
I know black is pretty straightforward. But hahaha its a baby step right? 
Always been worried about looking too dull or "gothic" if my outfit is too black. But i guess it's pretty alright! 
Cant wait to experiment with other colors now ^^

Now let's get back to business. WTF actually stands for "We're The Furballs", dont get them wrong!
This place is very suitable for kids haha

We were greeted by the friendly faces of the different furballs in there, so cute and artistic!

We're The Furballs is like a "dog cafe" where you're allowed to bring your own dog (small sized) to the cafe to mingle around with the furballs! For people with no dogs like myself, you can simply pop by, pay an entrance fee and enjoy your play time with the doggies!

If i didnt remember wrongly, we paid $7.50 per entry per pax for entry on a thursday evening.
It came with a free drink as well!

Look at how terribly tiny they are! I swear they weigh nothing. 
Matt and I had to be so careful when we carried them because they are so light that you feel like you're lifting up a piece of... sponge? 
Squishy and soft and light. Of course, we gotta be really really gentle with them

Meet mochi!

The daintiest of the lot, Lola.
She was such a princess, really! And she's perhaps the size of my two palms put together?
Super duper tiny and cute!

Meet Lulu, one of the few who were so mischievous and not shy at all!

Dutchess the Cavalier King Charles who was superrrr naughty but really cute at the same time
He actually bit off a part of my sandals and ATE IT.
Goodness me.

There, you can see the tyrant trying to get my sandals haha

Now meet Bui Bui,  who was super fat, greedy and lazy !
He was closest to Matt when we visited and he only sat on his lap. He refused to sit on mine and only came to me when i had treats :(

Look at how this darling immediately went to sit on his lap when he sat down.
The joy on matt's face is priceless :') hehe

"noooo im not movingggg"

Not long after, this fatty fell into deep sleep on Matt's lap.
Couldnt help but laugh when I snapped this photo, he looked like he was reallly deep in sleep!

Princess pose

Me: "You naughty boy!"
And Matt snapped a photo of me in the midst of talking to him for chewing off my sandals hahaha

This definitely is my favorite shot of the day! Look at how cute these two boys were. hahaha
And Bui Bui still refused to wake up. Cute fatty ><

The jealous bunch when Matt picked the other doggy up

Lola finally allowed us to carry her after 2 hours of play time at WTF 


We had so much fun that day. Finally striked off one of the many places ive been dying to visit!
God, I miss having a dog in my life :( They are such joy to be around with. But the time and commitment that has to be invested cannt be taken too lightly either.

Sigh, I miss bouncey and elfy :'(

Regardless, for those that emailed/fb messaged me on WTF, here it is! I hope it benefitted you:)
P.S This is not an advertorial. Im just sharing about what I did/where I went !

We're the Furballs is located at:
45 East Coast Road

*Can't wait for my Phuket trip, its finally here! Praying for good weather and safety because of the riots that's happening in Bangkok right now. Hopefully it wouldnt affect Phulet too much! Till then, you guys can keep up with me on my Instagram (@mongabong) and dayre! 
I'll try my best to update you guys on beautiful phuket and take lots and lots of photos to share with you guys when I get back !

Till then, take care 

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