Phuket Part III + All about Flower Prints

Monday, December 16, 2013

Phuket Part III 

Today's post will be about the Phi Phi Island tour we went on!
It was (to me) the highlight of this trip and I thought it's a must-go if you're thinking of heading to Phuket for a short holiday.

If you're wondering about how to sign up for a tour like this, dont worry because there are little booths all around Phuket offering such services. 
You just gotta pay a fee and everything will be prepared for you!

We signed up ours with the reception at our Resort at a pice of 1500THB per pax.
It was after that when we read off Tripadvisor that people could actually bargain for cheaper prices too, pffft. 
The fees included everything - to and fro coach ride to the jetty, boating fees, tour guides, basic snorkeling equipments (life vest & snorkeling mask) Flippers are up for rent at 200THB at the jetty. Oh yes, it also included a buffet lunch at another island (idk what's the name) WHICH SUCKED. 

But well.. gotta eat!

So off we went!

Boat Jettty

The boat ride there was torturous. 
I don't mean to be a bitch but it was just my luck that I met two really INCONSIDERATE passengers on board that were sitting next to me.
The yatch was pretty small, and it fit us all like... 20+ people on board. Everyone was squashed and we had to really squeeze with each other. Touching your neighbor's skins because it was so damn crammed.
Then. The two women sitted next to me just went on board and BLOPPED their flabby bodies down and sat down like they owned the whole yatch. I was clearly falling off my seat to them and I even had to stretch my legs out onto matt's lap because there simply wasnt any space.
Not mentioning that their handbags actually needed a seat too. Pffft.
I stared at them and they just looked back at me, not doing anything. Seriously roll eyes. So yeah, I couldnt get those two really inconsiderate women to move and there I was stuck in that position for one whole hour till we reached our first island.

It was snorkeling time! I've always snorkeled as a kid because my family loved activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. We've had trips like these pretty often in the past, but now that we are all older, we now find it more fun to go with our friends and not our family anymore. HAHA

It's a pity I didnt bring my camera down so I couldnt snap a photo of that beautiful island we snorkeled at.
Snorkelling was pretty retarded and ridiculous at the first island. The tide was SO LOW that it only reached my shin even like 4m out into the sea from the shore!
That meant that the corals were all super shallow and it made it so ridiculous to try to snorkel because we could easily cut ourselves with the corals beneath us should we even try to swim with our flippers.
In fact, I got a little cut from the corals because I actually tried to snorkel like a normal person. LOL

The murky water didn't help either.

We were given 50 mins at that island before we headed back to the boat to go to the next island for our lunch.
As if the first snorkeling activity wasn't demoralizing enough, lunch was terrible.
The chicken was so tough, tom yum soup was like water, spaghetti sauce tasted like ketchup mixed with water and sugar. YUCKS.
But well. We didn't have a choice because we were stuck in another island with no other food available HAHA. SO my advise to you is... to brace yourself and not expect too much from the "buffet spread" there.

We then jumped back onto the yatch and we were ferried to another place for our second snorkel. This time, we were doing it in the open waters.
That sounded more exciting hehe.
So basically, the captain would steer the boat to an open area in the sea and ask all of us to strap on our snorkeling euipment and jump right into the water!
That turned out reallllllyyyyy great because for once, the corals were below us. And not at our levels. HAHA
And there were actually fishes. Plus, I managed to touch a few of them with my bare hands! 
Definitely not the best snorkeling trips i've been on but it was good enough for me :) I'd say the second snorkeling trip was the saving grace of this tour.

The end was drawing near as we stopped at our last stop, that was when I finally took my camera down with me to capture the beautiful fine sand and blue sea :)


Oh and by the way, to the person that has been saying that my "make up" is tooo thick in the photos above, FYI I'm bare faced LOL (the irony) 
Gotta owe everything to my beautiful eyelash extensions from Milly's that made everything so effortless!

That was the end of our Phi Phi Island tour!
Hope you guys enjoyed my Phuket posst thus far! Take care all and I'll be back with another post soon!



All about Floral Prints

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Top: Ilove Cupcakes
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